Training Day #1 — short posts accordingly.

3 12 2008

weather: High 38 degrees, craploads of snow tonight!

I’d really rather be writing right now, but I have to go to training for the rest of the afternoon. Spent much of the morning on other daily projects. Used my Lunch Hour to add another 500+ words on  “When the Lights Go Out” mostly to the intro paragraph because I realized that it started in the past tense and randomly switched to present halfway through. Not so good.

I’m finding it hard to concentrate on work, or anything else for that matter. The writing is eating my brain. In any other situation, I’d not have concerns, but seeing that our financial situation is precarious enough as it is, I really shouldn’t be letting work suffer for my writing. Especially when I’m nowhere near the point of being able to rely on my writing as additional income. Let’s face it, I’m probably never gonna be able to support myself on my writing, even as hard as I wish that could happen. But I’m realistic enough to know the odds are not in my favor on that point. I do hope to at least get to a point where I can use my writing to supplement our income.

My wishful thinking side is wondering if I could get 3DG to allow me permission to use a smattering of their lyrics as a splash intro for the book. Or would that be too weird? Hell, what if the book gets published and I get an e-mail from Adam G. going, “Um hey? Is this supposed to be me?
That would be awkward I think.
Um not so much Adam. See, I saw your video, it inspired a scene, then a book. But it’s not really about you. It just looks like you.  That’s all.”
Then again, more than likely it’ll end up escaping notice. A girl can hope, right?
Let’s revisit, shall we? THIS is the video inspiration:
Three Days Grace: Animal I’ve Become

And here is the image that I locked onto:

Yep. Adam as Devon, front and center.

Yep. Adam as Devon, front and center.

You just don’t know what will trigger a story and how far it will take you.

Just got out of training and only have a few minutes before I have to leave. And I confess I wrote 5 pages long hand instead of taking notes. I’m SO gonna fail the final. Sigh.

Heading home in extremely murky weather so wish us luck (It’s raining now, will turn first to ice then snow. We’re supposed to get about 2 inches overnight. I hate driving in this weather.)



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