Snowy Monday and probably a short post today.

1 12 2008

Weather: SNOWY. See subject line! (High: 31 degrees)

December already. WOW!

Can’t believe this weather. Granted it’s DECEMBER and it should be snowing…just seems weirdly sudden for some reason.

Have been writing like crazy and very happy with what’s been getting done. I love when the plot points start lining up and the looses ends start tying themselves up. Whee! 6000+ words this weekend, so nothing to sneeze at!

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun and a lot of food! WE stopped by the in-laws for some tea and boiled cake which was NOM NOM NOM. Had a good convo, especially with my FIL. Then we darted off to my mum’s for the massive meal of DOOOOOM. She cooked a 23 lb turkey PLUS an additional turkey breast so there was plenty to take home for all. Bri and I took home a ton of fixings as well. SO GOOD! Add in some food from the in-laws and additional beef and veggies from the dinner we cooked for the in-laws on Saturday and our fridge is fairly bursting with food.

Anyway. Winding down. This week is gonna be busy what with training and reports due as well.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post from home in the evening.




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