Day before Turkey Apocalypse!

26 11 2008

weather: High: 41 degrees and SUNNY. LIKE FLAMING BALL OF EVIL SUNNY!

Bri’s got freelance work today, so we’re not sure what time he’s going home tonight. I luckily get to leave at 3 and head back home. Got a ton to do so maybe I can a lot done before having to pick him up from the train.

I’m gonna spend a portion of the time over the next few days getting this story wrapped up. I have the ending in mind and at least 4 major scenes need to be written. Once I get everything onto the laptop, I can take a serious look at everything and see if it’s as good as it is in my head or not.

The whole fam damily will be getting together tomorrow for zee Turkey Apocalypse. We’ll be swinging by the in-laws first to chat and have a drinky. THen off to my mum’s for dinner proper.

Turkey, Creamed onions (NOMNOMNOM), stuffing and all the rest of the trimmings, Mom is making extra turkey so we have some to take home. Yay for free food!HAve to admit there ‘s still some melancholy about Dad not being there. I know this is Thanksgiving # 3 without him, but it’s still painful.

Work is not happening today. ZOMG so DISTRACTED.

GOD DAMMIT!! Somebody just blew a fuse in our server room and took down ALL the servers and the entire phone and VM system! OF COURSE it has to happen a 1/2 hour before I have to leave!! EEJITS!

Gotta dash– I have to pick up my December monthly train pass and head on home!

Have a VERY happy Thanksgiving!




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