LJ BLackout post #2 — Electric Boogaloo

18 11 2008

So Twitter has finally come back up and I’ve been playing Facebook Status Comment Tennis with a few people. Interesting way to spend time while LJ is down.

Why is it Nick Cave can make anything sound dark and depraved? LOVE HIM.

Have a skull cracker of a headdache right now. It’s making my work difficult and the fluorescent lights sheer torture to be under.

Have become a huge fan of “The Big Bang Theory” and “How I Met Your Mother.” both have become must see TV on Monday nights for me and the hubby.  “Heroes” last night was a giant ball of “OMGWTF!?!?!” and “You’re kidding, right?”. It still watchable, but it’s getting more convoluted than it needs to be. And I’m a fan of “Lost”. Just saying.

Listening to my usual “Devon’s Mix” this morning and has been made of win as a soundtrack. Got “One Hundred Years” by the Cure up right now. EXCELLENT!

Gearing up to go see Twilight this weekend with my mum. Should be interesting. I’m sure it will make a ton of money, and be critically panned. Sigh.

Think it’s time to go heat up my lunch.

Be back shortly.

Vid #2: MORE New Depeche Mode in the Studio. WHY DO THEY TEASE US SO???



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