LJ BLackout 2008 Post #1

18 11 2008

weather: High: 33 Degrees — Sunny. AND ME WITHOUT SUNGLASSSES!! IFOR!!

I’ll be doing mini-posts today. Trying to emulate a LJ envrions for the moment.

I’m currently trying to wake the hell up. Coffee is ineffectual against the beast that is my lack of sleep.
And zee i-pod was doing it’s best to get me riled up on the walk into work. “Honour 2003” by VNV Nation and “Kine” by Abney Park?  Them’s fightin’ songs! Walked into the office with a huge determined chip on my shoulder. Hopefully this means that I will get something done today. Lots to work on as it is.

Kirsten getting laid off still has me steamed. I understand it from the financial point of view, but my gods, the amount of effort she put into that job! Flying back and forth between KC and Nashville and L.A. and Minnesota, sometimes multiple times in one week? Working weekends? Late nights? AND PLANNING A WEDDING ON TOP OF IT ALL??? Just sucks, is all I’m saying. She did more work than most of the people in that organization.  I know she’ll land on her feet as there have always been a ton of people trying to recruit her to their companies. I just hope they come through for her now.

This economy continues to suck in a massive way. So now my sister, my brother, my brother in law and my husband are all unemployed.  Not good anyway you look at it. My mum’s retired so she doesn’t enter into it.

HA!  Twitter crashed the minute LiveJournal went down. I find that absolutely amusing.

Gonna post this now with more to come.

Have a video for the mo:
Bauhaus — She’s in Parties




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18 11 2008

*Offers hugs to Boomother and the entire BooFamily*

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