I’m beginning to remember why I’m a misanthropist…

11 11 2008

Weather: HIgh 43 degrees and sleety/rainy conditions later. Yuck.

It’s ironic that I’m listening to Marilyn Manson’s version of Personal Jesus right now. Because I’m kinda reaching the limit of my patience with people who use their religion to belittle, demean and otherwise restrict the basic rights of others.

Religion is a tool, created by man, to give form and structure and rules to people’s faith.

Faith is the belief that a person feels for their interaction with their chosen view of the Divine.

Faith is personal, Religion is community. Unfortunately, Religion has a bad way of becoming political and too tied to the concerns of the fickle winds of social mores. Let’s face it, most religion has strayed so far from the initial tenets of the faith it is supposed to represent that it is almost unrecognizable.

I don’t think that every person of faith is a bigot or deluded or cherry-picking phrases from their chosen book of faith, but there is a loud, vocal and ignorant group that tends to be the public face of any given religion, that for good or for bad, becomes representative of that religion.

There are a vast number of people who remember that the basic rule within any major religion is to do unto other what you would have them do to you.

And take care of those who are disenfranchised in your society to the best of your ability.

And to love your brethren as yourself. Simple ideas, but powerful and healing ones.

But people seem to find it easier to practice their religion as a reflection of their fears and insecurities and need to exclude those who are not of “Their Kind”. It doesn’t matter what God you worship, or how many. Read your religious text of choice. Seriously.  God is about love. Loving your fellow man. Loving your family. Taking care of the world. And living your life as an example to others.

NOWHERE in ANY religious text does it say “Go out and make everyone be just like you! And if you don’t agree with how they live their life–MAKE THEM CHANGE IT!

God is about embracing EVERYONE. Whether you agree with them or not. If their lifestyle is not your choice, then wish them well and be done with it. No one has a right to impose their morals on you. And you should not have that right either. Morality is not involved with legality. There are plenty of laws to prevent the ACTUAL harm of others, whether by violence, or mental or emotional abuse. But there should NOT be laws imposed because someone makes you uncomfortable. Especially when the actions that make you uncomfortable are enacted in the privacy of someone else’s home. And are between consenting adults.

If you lie awake at night appalled because the gay couple down the street might be cuddling or the neighbors next door might be engaging in some sort of spanking games,  then you need to reassess what is really important in your life. Just because you have chosen to live your life by a set of rules that are a mere interpretation of someone else’s writings, that is your right and choice. But that is where your right and choice end.

Allowing same sex couples who are committed and in long term relationships to marry does not impact your life or rights or morality in any way. It will not affect who you are involved with, where you go to worship or what happens to your job. It will not affect whether your children go to college or have healthy relationships themselves. It will not change your marital status or take any rights or benefits away from you.

All it will do is allow to other people, who work and pay taxes and pay into social security and worship in your churches and serve in our military and donate to charities and walk their dogs and support YOUR political causes to have the same rights as you. Do you see why denying them this right is WRONG? You expect every person in this country to contribute and work and sacrifice equally, but would deny a segment of them some basic rights, just because you object to who they sleep with.  This is just absolutely the most RIDICULOUS BULLSHIT. You are hypocrites of the highest level. And there is no need for your small minded petty discomfort to be allowed into this discussion, which is NOT about religion or faith or morality. It is simply about legal rights. So GET THE FUCK OVER IT. Not more than 30 years ago, the same argument was being leveled against interracial marriages. I think we survived.  In fact, I met my husband (who I married in a church!) at a same sex handfasting. So I can honestly say that it never impacted my marriage.

Seriously people. Can we just get past this? We are rightly being singled out by the rest of the world for our dragging of feet on this subject. Other countries, who DO have a state church have given same sex partners marriage rights. Its not a political issue. It’s a HUMAN issue. I really don’t think that God ( whatever your definition) is gonna smite the USA with fire and turn us all into pillars of salt if we pass this legislation.

Anyway. I just needed to get this off my chest.

Work is dragging as usual and people are pissing me off. Needless to say, it’s gonna be a long day. I’ll be happy when my boss gets back tomorrow.

Gonna leave you with Keith Olbermann’s FANTASTIC Special Commentary on Prop 8. He says what I was trying to say above, so much better.




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