ELECTION DAY 2008–Change is in the air.

4 11 2008

weather: High: 73 Degrees (DOUBLE WTF!) and sunny!

I voted Today--DID YOU?

I voted Today--DID YOU?

I’ll be watching the returns like WHOA tonight. Crossing my fingers, probably in vain, that my vote helps turn Indiana blue.

Considering I work in a surprisingly Red leaning office in a very Blue state and City. (Chicago) I have no doubts there will be some resentful grousing for the next…FOUR YEARS if Obama wins. I’m seeing more and more that this is a generational gap, not just a political gap. Our generation (Gen X or Gen Y or wtfever they’re called nowadays) will not vote the same as our parents Gen. Let’s face it. 90% of our Parent’s Generation are either retired or going to be retired in the next 4 years. The issues and problems facing us are decidedly different, granted with some overlap. Retirement funds & 401(k)s are obviously a common factor. But unemployment? That’s more a direct hit on our generation, and education and work offered health care. The older generation is also more prone, I’m afraid, to still carry that race fear. They’re more open minded now than they were in the 60s granted, but let’s face it. If you’re 65+ years old and white, you are less likely to vote for the younger African American man than you are the guy who looks more like you, in age and skin color. And no, I’m not saying EVERYONE, but it’s more likely.

I’m 41 and I have no interest in voting in the same politics that has run this country for way too long. Bush Jr’s cabinet was made up largely of the same people from his DAD’s cabinet. How is that moving things forward? And can John McCain guarantee he’d bring in fresh blood and not the same old cronies? Nope. I’ll take a chance on the new kid. And sometimes, experience = same old crap. Younger people tend to try new things and take chances. And you know what?  Stop trying to scare us with New Things=Imminent disaster. Really tired of this crap. Sorry older generation and baby boomers. Time for us kids to take over. I’m not waiting till I’m 60 to get some new ideas and fresh starts going. I’m not gonna wait for us to be the retirees, stuck with no retirement finds whatsoever. Yeah, I know I’m not an economist, but you know what? We’ve tried it your way for 8 years and it’s not exactly working, now is it? You know the definition of insanity, right? It’s doing the same exact thing over and over and expecting a different result. Done.

On the writing front, managed to pound out another 1700 words last night. I’m lightly editing as I’m going but I can kinda see that what I’ve gotten written out long hand will probably yield about 25000 words total. And while I have the ending, the middle bits need shoring up. all I really have is a series of loosely connected scenes and not much meat and glue in between.  That will be rectified once I get it all transcribed.Electronic text MUCH easier to fiddle faddle with.

Looks like my sister’s cat had her kittens safe and sound. FOUR of them!

Hester the Cat and her new brood.

Hester the Cat and her new brood.

Apparently we’ll be adopting one of them .(Bri melted like butter on a stove when he saw the pictures.) Besides, Snoots needs a companion. I think he’s bored and that’s why he’s acting out. Doesn’t help that we leave him alone for hours at a time.

Allright. Need to cut this short so I can dash off and catch the early train. Hopefully by tomorrow morning we’ll have a new President, and yes, I hope it’s Obama. 🙂




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