One more day. I may snap before the end of today.

3 11 2008

Weather: High:71 degrees (WTF???) and sunny. Oh Hai! Its November. Can I has my fall back now?

So the election is almost here and therefore almost over. THANK GOD. All I ask is whoever wins, let it be by a good margin, because if this drags out any longer I may go apeshit. SRSLY.

Our financial situation has taken a decidedly sharp plummet into the toilet. I’m not even sure we’ll be able to cover all our bills this month, let alone afford groceries.Sigh. We shouldn’t be in this position. Not now. It’s all I can do some days not to just sit down and cry. I’m hoping Bri can either get Unemployment again or with the gods’ blessing, a new job. We simply can’t get by on my salary alone.

I’m crawling back into my cave of rock music, as I’m feeling raw around the edges and need a little primal scream to help me out. SO the two Three Days Grace albums are getting a lot of play. As is a lot of She Wants Revenge and Sisters of Mercy and NIN and MCR and VNV and yes tons of Abney Park for added warm atmosphere. My nerve endings are so shredded right now, I’d just like to be numb for a while. I need catharsis. Writing is helping (I managed to get 2700 words transcribed this weekend. Need to do more tonight.) but I’m at the point of wanting to hide away from people as a whole, Bri as an exception. Just sitting in my office, the noise level is deafening, and my co-worker’s constant inane chatter buzzes in my ears like a cloud of angry bees, although less coherent. The walk from the train to my office and back just serves to piss me off every day. People are rude, discourteous and completely oblivious to anyone’s personal space. Their cell phones and headphones seem to give them license to walk slow or weave or just be obnoxious in general and then have the unmitigated gall to take issues when you walk around them, with plenty of space and a polite “Excuse me”. I never push past people, I never crowd them, I wait until I have plenty of space to get around them and I still get people going off on me. What the hell is wrong with people? I wish I could afford to take the bus or cab it to the train every day, but no, I have to wade through this throng of morons with zero crowd sensitivity and my husband wonders why I’m prickly when I get home. Don’t even get me started on the redneck jackasses on the train. Sigh.

Anyway. I obviously need a time out. LOL.

Here. Have some Teasing Cause for SQUEE!

Off to home to get some writing done and get our November budget in order.




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