31 10 2008

weather: High: 65 degrees (jigga Wot?) and partly sunny! Is it a coincidence that Obama is in town today?

It’s Halloween!!!

And only 4 days from Election Day. I’m really really hoping that my vote helps Obama win Indiana, though I’m not holding my breath. And amusingly, he’s in town today. Like 10 minutes from my house. Bri and I are toying with going to the rally, because, how often will we get the chance?

I’m absolutely ecstatic because last night I came up with an ending for “When the Lights God Down.” I HAVE MY FIRST POSSIBLY COMPLETED MANUSCRIPT! Whew!

Now I just have to get the damn thing written.

Here’s me today:

In the office. Bored Now.

In the office. Bored Now.

So tonight we have trick or treaters to feed, possibly a political rally to attend and this weekend is looking to be a mass cleaning effort.

Am looking very forward to casting my vote and praying for the best. For some reason I get this gut level feeling that this election is gonna be significant, no matter what happens. Change will happen. Let’s just hope it’s the right change and this country gets back on track.

Gonna dash as I need to be home early for trick or treaters.

Have a fab Samhain, folks!



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