The most important day of the year, for me.

30 10 2008

Weather: High: 59 Degrees and sunny!

Today is Brian and my third wedding anniversary. It’s so funny because we’ve known each other for 13 years now that it seems like we’ve been married longer. And I mean that in the best possible sense.

Bri is one of those rare individuals that is just as quirky and off the mainstream as I am. We are not exactly known for our mundane interests. We both loathe sports and love Bollywood films. We love fringe bands. (Hell we danced to a Pizzicato Five song for our wedding!) We love sci fi movies from the cheesy to the sublime, but aren’t the typical fanboy/fangirl. Yeah we like the Star Wars trilogy, but we prefer Dune and Solaris and Sunshine.Again with the weird and unusual. We can pretty much talk about any topic, but we like to listen to others talk about things as well. We’re both knowledge sponges. Maybe that’s why we never get bored with each other. Then there’s our sense of humor. We were both raised by european parents, so that informs our humor. And we were both raised on a steady diet of British comedy, so we appreciate everything from the sarcastic to the snarky to the slapstick. And we make each other laugh. A lot. And I think that’s a big key to our success. We can keep each other in stitches all the time. I just love him to distraction.

So with that in mind, and Halloween tomorrow, which incidentally is the SECOND most important day to me, I am in a very good mindset.

I just got some sobering news from a co-worker. She’s heading into her 4th round of cancer. And it’s progressive. Having watched several of my family members succumb to this horrible disease, I’m heartbroken for her and her family.  This just brings the whole, don’t waste a single day doing nothing philosophy home.

Have been listening to the new Snow Patrol (well samples) and the new Shiny Toy Guns (Less synthpop, more guitars and new female lead. It’s growing on me) and I managed to get my hands on the two Three Days Grace albums finally. Woot! So I have a plethora of music to listen to on the way home.

Also wicked awesome article on Steampunk at this link.

Love that both the subgenre and Abney Park are getting some attention. The band is amazing even set apart from the Steampunk grouping.

Heading home to spend some quality time with the hubby.

Have a good evening everyone!




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