Oh this is not gonna be a fun day…

29 10 2008

Weather: High: 50 Degrees and partly sunny.

Boss is out sick with Bronchitis. Here’s the bitch. He’s been in sick to the office up until today. We’ve all been in close proximity to him. Let’s weigh the odds that the rest of us are gonna get sick. Sigh.

Got a bit of a headache today. Makes it difficult to be pleasant to people.

New Cure album is out. And I’m broke. Sigh.

Am starting to gather info to make my holiday gifts. Let’s hope they turn out better than I expect.

Bri made our lovely concoction of linguine, lemon, garlic and shitake mushrooms last night, so I have that for lunch today. FTW!! ETA: just finished eating it. NOM NOM NOM.

Really have little to no focus today. Headache is really a pounder. May be turning into a migraine, which will suck here at work.

Gonna cut this short today. Nothing to report and just posting random boredom is not helpful.

More interesting info tomorrow. (Hint: ANNIVERSARY!)




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