Monday musings and ZOMG!SQUEE from yesterday.

27 10 2008

Weather: High: 41 and WINDY and ZOMG! WIND CHILL!

Well LJ seems to have tanked for the moment, and surprisingly I’m not twitching at the moment. Probably a good thing.

THe squee mentioned above is from discovering that they made Repo! A Genetic Opera into a MOVIE! What made it even MORE exciting for me was the cast! Anthony Stewart Head, Sarah Brightman, Nivek OgRe (Skinny Puppy) and music played by David J and Daniel Ash from BAUHAUS/Love & Rockets?!!! Dear gods above and below I AM SO THERE!! Basically it’s Blade Runner meets Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Here’s “Chase the Morning” featuring Sarah Brightman. ::ZOMG WIBBLE::

And here’s a Teaser Trailer that shows more performances than the Official Trailer:

This weekend was lovely and relaxing and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

Mom gave us some leftovers from the wedding reception, so Bri and I have some chicken and filets and Wedding Cake to nosh on. Not complaining one bit as money is tight and free food is always of the good!

My sister just called and has made it back from the honeymoon trip mostly intact. I know she’s probably both glad to be home and bummed to be back from Hawaii. I’m also sure she has a metric tonne of photos to share as well.

Writing is going well. I’ve kind of figured out the ending on When the Lights Go Out and since I reread the first 50+ pages of Dark of the Mirror, I think I know where I need to take that manuscript as well. Carrion Dreams is stalled, but I have plenty of notes to go back and consult. We’re trying to get a lot of cleaning done and I think tonight I’ll finally have the dining room table cleared off so I can plop my laptop there, away from the TV and the Intrawebs, so I won’t be distracted when I’m writing.

Can’t believe our third wedding anniversary is only a few days away. Then again, we’ve been together for 13 years so three seems slight up against that. 🙂

Came to a very interesting conclusion over the weekend. I’ve reached the end of my patience with my family and with people who live around us in general. Bri and I were discussing something weird and obscure, (String Theory? Edible Plants origins? Who knows!) and I realized that he was pretty much the only person, barring my friends on line, who I could have this discussion with. Now mind you, I don’t wear this as a badge of “We’re so smart  WOOHOO”, just that other people in my MeatSpace just don’t find these topics interesting or of value. They’d rather discuss sports or the new curtains or how many beers they consumed this weekend. Nothing wrong with that, just not interesting to US. Now, this may come off as us being snobs, but I really don’t look down on people for not having the same interests as us. Really. But I have a low boredom tolerance anymore. Bri and I try our damnedest to converse with EVERYONE about EVERYTHING, but no one seems to be willing to do the same for us. We get a little annoyed that anytime it comes to talk about something we were excited about, we get dismissed or mocked or outright insulted. SIGH.  We get a lot of “That’s stupid. Why would you want to do that?” or “You’re so silly. You’re too old to do that.” It gets really annoying, really fast. And yes, I seriously think getting some distance might help. Does this mean we won’t run into this problem elsewhere? Of course not. But from family and close friends it’s particularly intolerable. We’re Nerdy Geeks in a Nascar environment. Not exactly friendly confines.

Work is par for the course. Worries are still there over this upheaval that’s about to happen. I’m not sure if I should be worried about my job or not, and that has me fingering the resume nervously. I’m trying to keep my head down and do my work, hopefully not attract too much negative attention. Although I’d be lying if I didn’t say that my online activity is getting a little heavier than it should while I’m on the job. I’m going to be cutting back pronto.

So…lots on the mind, thought I have to admit the stress level is slowly dropping. I’m a little freaked out that Christmas is so close on the the horizon and approaching quickly. There’s going to be little in the way of presents this year. Not that it really matters. Bri and I will be making things to give out this year. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, I’ll let this stand for today. I need to get back to work before the giant beast of projects leaps out from behind my monitor and noshes on my innards.

Here’s a bit of Halloween fun: The Marilyn Manson version of “This is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas:




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