Rassin Frassin Muses….::kicks them virtually::

22 10 2008

weather: High: 52 degrees and partly sunny. ::sigh:: Loves her fall weather.

So why, Ms. Raven….Why are the muses getting a boot to the head? you may ask.

Well, they’ve decided to up the ante and start invading my dreams as well. It’s bad enough I have them camping out in my head at work and when I’m trying to focus on other things… but no, that doesn’t seem to have assuaged their need to push their storylines. No. They have to come gallivanting into my dreams where I have zero control over what they choose to show me and nothing I change the focus to avoid their twisted scenarios.

So I’ve been having dreams involving vampire clubs and fighting demons and lots of historical dress to go around. Interestingly enough, I’ve been in God Mode the whole time (Watching the action without actually participating.) Even more interesting, I was practically aching to break the wall and BE INVOLVED. Now, I’m sure there are entire psychology texts dedicated to the psychosis that is behind that thinking, but I put it down to a simple brain dump. So much has been locked up in my noggin due to all the stress I’ve been under, that it’s no wonder it’s all started escaping the Tupperware in my brain. That and I really really need to get laid. Sorry. Needed to be said. ::makes appointment with husband/live in lover/household cabana boy:: (I’m sure I’ll get a glare for that last one. Hehe!)

Anyway. Mum is decompressing now that all the relatives are finally skedaddling and she has some peace and quiet in the house. Bri and I are doing the same. We’re kinda shell shocked so it might take till this weekend to get ramped back up. We have a lot of housework to do and weirdly enough, I’m looking forward to doing it.  There is some merit to the idea of a clean working space contributing to a clearer mind.

Watched the Scream Awards last night and enjoyed it thoroughly! Got to see new Sneak Peaks of Twilight and Watchmen, and Gerard Way showed up to intro the Watchman clip. Kerli performed live and was amazing.  And dear gods, any show that can get away with a category called “Most Memorable Mutilation”  and the winning piece being “Penis bit off by vaginal teeth”?? I have to clutch that to my bosoms and love it to death!

Here’s the Twilight Clip:

And the Watchmen Clip:(OH! Someone stuck a Twilight trailer at the end of this…Hehe!)

OH! And just made a new banner fro my LJ User info…

The Muses...filthy layabouts...

The Muses...filthy layabouts...

Yeah. Aren’t they pretty? Wish I could get them to stop pummeling me. Of course that’s only when they’re not going off on lost weekends to the pub and coming home drunk, singing awful British pub songs and swearing brotherhood and then piling on me like a bunch of smelly brain puppies. SIGH. These are usually the days I get crap written. When they’re sober, they’re worse. Then they like to torture me. With Pr0N! SRSLY.

Anyway. More cleaning tonight, some cooking and some Ghost Hunters & Lipstick Jungle for my evening. WOO!

GREAT.  I can’t go into details, but it seems we might be losing a broker to another company. This sucks more because the person who’s leaving is a pretty big moneymaker for us. just SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!

::goes off to polish off her resume::




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