So…Tuesday. Two weeks until Election Day, praise Ghu!

21 10 2008

Weather: High: 54 degrees and partly sunny. Whee!

So. Sleepy again today. Like went into a coma on the train in kinda tired.

This is getting lame. I need to get some energy.

Today is like mush brain day. I’m trying to put together coherent thoughts with bits and bobs from the bottom of the barrel. Not much happening there.

Again the vampire story has overwhelmed my writing brain. Yeah I know I have TWO vampire manuscripts in the works, one being “Dark of the Mirror” and the other being this monster of an obsession, I’m temporarily calling “When the Lights Go Out” . WTLGO is just eating my brain matter. I work on it every night on the train, getting between 5-8 pages written in my Moleskine. I have about 8 scenes being written concurrently because the imagery just leaps into my head and DEMANDS to be written. It’s been ages since I had this kind of NEED to write. I also need to get back to working on “Carrion Dreams”. I’m obviously going to have to get my discipline back,move the laptop OUT of the den and stop wasting my time surfing when I should be WRITING. No more excuses.

Also…no more junk food. No more fast food. No more red meat…for a while. HEY! I am a carnivore, people! However, I need to be eating more veggies and brown rice and fish. So Bri and I will be doing our damndest to cut out the bad foods. No more candy in the house either. This weight has got to go and our health has got to improve NOW.

Gonna get running now. Maybe that’s another thing I should consider fro reals.
I’m off to the train with the latest eppy of True Blood on my i-pod. (SEE! VAMPIRES AGAIN!)
(Here’s a manip of Adam Gontier from 3DG as a character in WTLGO)

Adam as Devon (manip)

Adam as Devon (manip)

(Here’s the original for comparison:

Adam (non-manip)

Adam (non-manip)

Yeah… He’s yummy.




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