Post Wedding Apocalypse, Monday Edition.

20 10 2008

weather: High : 58 degrees with rain in the afternoon. Sigh. October is OCTOBER again.

Wedding went very well! Didn’t trip in my heels and massive dress. Didn’t fumble the speech or throw up. Got to dance with my hubby and with the Fab Contingent.  Kirsten looked so beautiful and Marc was literally aglow with happiness. They’re so cute together! They’re off to Hawaii for their honeymoon. I really really hope the best for them.

Feeling the stress starting to seep away is absolutely wonderful and disconcerting at the same time. I’m really exhausted right now, to the point of being dizzy and unnerved. Maybe the purge has begun unassisted. All I know is that I just want to take a virtual fire hose and wash away all the mental and emotional muck that has gummed up the works for the past 5 years.

Got a zinger in on one of my co-workers today. He was poking at another co-worker about her assumed political affiliation. (She’s black, he’s white) and saying things like “This one is voiting for Obama” and “If we say we like Sarah Palin, we’re racist”. I kept my mouth shut, but managed to finally get a word in when he finally said, “You know what Joe Biden is?” and I jumped in with “Our next Vice-President?” at the exact moment the elevator doors opened. He kind of sputtered and I just walked away giggling.  People in my office range from mildly annoying to downright bigoted assholes. I can’t do or say much without making my life a living hell or getting my ass fired. And in this job market, with Brian still trying to find a job…no way. can’t risk it just yet. When I DO leave, some people are gonna get an earful. Yes, ladies and gents, I’ll be pissing on the ashes of the bridge I burnt behind me.

Writing bug is biting again. THANK THE GODS. And now I have time to get back on the proverbial horse. I’m targeting early next year for my first submission, with 4 other manuscripts in various states of progress on the back burner. So hopefully I’ll be able to shop around a couple at a time, or at least stagger the submissions. I may tag some of my published friends to see what they advise on this point. I think wearing my “My Muse is a Very Bad Man” shirt is helping:

My Muse is a VERY BAD MAN!

My Muse is a VERY BAD MAN!

Yes. My friends are awesome. They buy me appropriate writing shirts!

Anyway. WOrk will be claiming a lot of my time going forward this week. I’mma gonna try and use my lunch hour for writing, so my posts here may be short as a result. My boss is taking a vacation from November 5 – 11 so I’ll have double workload. SIGH.

Oh and Bri and I will be celebrating our 3rd Wedding Anniversary and 13 years together on October 30th. WOW. seems like yesterday I was introducing myself to him at an outdoor handfasting. Sigh.

People in my office just need to retire. Like yesterday. Sigh.

So, tonight I have some writing to do, but I will do that after dinner. Before dinner, Bri and I are gonna tackle the dining room, because the dining room table has turned into a dumping ground for all our drivebys. So…needs to be cleaned off before we can get started with anything else.

On a last quick note–VNV Nation has a beautiful song “Illusion” that is all about not letting the world dictate who you should be. Andy Huang did an amazing video that was set to this song and Ronan gave it his highest blessing. So here it is in all it’s bittersweet beauty.

Have a good evening all…




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