Sipping coffee, eating M&Ms and wearing stripey socks! WOOT!

16 10 2008

Weather: High: 58 degrees and sunny! (It was actually 49 when I left the house!) WOO!
So, off work tomorrow for getting nails done and setting up for the reception. Saturday is D-Day so to speak. I won’t be online much the next two days, if at all.

Wearing  Stripey socks makes me happy!

Stripey Socks FTW!!!

Stripey Socks FTW!!!


Also. Wedding is day after tomorrow. Tomorrow is manicure and setting up for the reception and rehearsal. Woo. Is it bad I just want to get through all this? Hoping the dress fits as I am a little bloated now. Rassin frassin monthly “gift”.

I’m just happy that come Sunday, there will be nothing on the horizon for a while. This means I’m freed up to get the housework done and FINALLY concnetrate on my writing and getting my bod in shape.

Many many projects hovering on the back burner. Three novels, steampunk outfit, possible holiday gifts, Halloween, Anniversary, Blue Hair of Doom, articles, short stories….Good lord I have a lot to do!

Sorry for the lite post today, but I’m scrambling to get some stuff done since I’m off tomorrow.

I’ll try and get a “catch Up” post in on Sunday.




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20 10 2008

Stripey socks are cuteness personified.

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