Well…since yesterday’s post got et.

15 10 2008

weather: High: 63 degrees & early rain, later cloudy. THAT’s More LIKE IT!

Still trying to keep pre-wedding stress to a minimum. My sister has ratcheted up her freak out level, which is totally understandable.

My health is still sketchy and now I have my “monthly friend” to contend with. SIGH.

I’m also unbelievable tired. I mean almost falling asleep at my desk tired. Weirdness.

Politics has suddenly gone from being just mildly annoying to downright disgusting. Nothing new I suppose, but the outright lies and smears and threats are just ridiculous.

Sorry for the lameness of this post, but seriously folks? I cannot think straight right now. WIll try to add more this evening if I don’t sack out on the couch when I get home.




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