T-minus 2 days. Wedding Apocalypse…BLISS I MEAN BLISS!

15 10 2008

weather: High 63 degrees with intermittent rain.

Well, we’ve reached the apathy stage of our wedding progress. We’re all kinda burnt out and tired. Kirsten has finally reached the Zen stage, thank the gods. We’re all on the “Can’t wait till it’s over” bandwagon. I think my mom is the only one really stressed out right now.

Bri and I are exhausted, but I think some of that will start to alleviate once this wedding
debacle is over with. Bri had an interview today so we’re keeping our fingers crossed. No more- don’t want to jinx it.

Am catching up with True Blood and Supernatural, as I missed both last week. Also, am neck deep in demos and bonus tracks and little bootlegs I’m finding all over zee webs.

High recommendations for my friend Jack’s side project, Eventual Champions. Sound is reminiscent of Jesus & Mary Chain  and the shoegazers. FANTASTIC! Also, in addition to my lovely Abney Park, I’m currently obsessing about listening to Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society. Excellent band, sounds similar to AP but with added Vas-ness if you will. Again, AMAZING! Also am getting into Dr. Steel, who if I play my cards right, will allow me to join the ranks of the Toy Soldiers when he takes over the world.  He’s been aptly described as “HipHop Industrial Opera”. Who am I to argue? Unique and entertaining as hell. Hopefully I’ll have some Shortwave Dahlia news for y’all shortly.

Gotta dash, but here– have a vid!:
Dr. Steel — Back & Forth (live) (WITH PUPPETS!)

(I know I’ve posted this before, but I LOVE THEM)

Garmarna —En Gång Ska Han Gråta




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