ZOMG! I swear the world economy just had a seizure…

10 10 2008

weather: high: 70 degrees and sunny. Though it was 45 degrees this morning. Gotta love fall weather!

Well the global economy has definitley jumped with both feet into the shitter. The DOw is below 8000, and the International exchanges are not doing much better.

Wow– Cranky broker is CRANKY. Sorry, work related observation there. My boss is out today and all the whiny divas have come out of the woodwork. And I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. The lady in the next cube over was discussing Bill O’Reilly (mini-puke) and was saying what a smart and truthful man he is…Damn did it again.(mini-puke)

Started a meme on LJ. Am very proud for that. Just trying to get people to focus on something positive in the midst of all this chaos. Several people have carried it forward as well. I basically just asked people to list 10 GOOD things happening in their life right now. Simple. I figured taking time out to actually focus on the good would distract from all the bad, if nothing else for a few moments.

New promo shots were uploaded today for Twilight (and the new trailer ZOMG!NOM NOM NOM!)
These are my two faves:

Jasper's got TEEF!


Vampires! And Werewolves! Oh My!

Vampires! And Werewolves! Oh My!

Yeah, they’re kinda cutesy, but I just loved them. (Oh dear benevolent deities, please save me from my sparklepire obsession!)

Anyway– this weekend will be a lot of running around and house cleaning. Hopefully we can get the basement back to something resembling normal. THat tile still worries me. SIGH.

And for my lovely fellow fans:

Thanks to NoisecapeTV for posting it!




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