Sleep is my new heroin. ::slaps inner arm and yawns::

7 10 2008

weather: High: 67 degrees and intermittent rain. That’s more like it!

GODS I’m so exhausted today! Didn’t sleep well, woke up 10 minutes late and unfortunately ended up having a clusterfuck waiting for me when I DID get up.

So am dragging and all the coffee in the world will not make things better. (Is it possible ot have the jitters and still be half-lidded? )

I’m avoiding watching the debates tonight, because lets face it, things have gotten downright ugly. I know who I’m voting for and nothing they say can change that. Certainly not any baseless attack ads. And certainly not the kind of scary violent prompting BS that McCain Palin is spouting.

Need to get that review written for my brother tonight, no exceptions. And since there’s fuck all on telly until after the debates, I might just set the laptop in the dining room and work there. If Snoots lets me, that is. SIGH.

Bri’s finished his stint at NW Hospital and will be starting a new freelance (LONG TERM!!!) gig with his old company, GSP.  The only downside, is he won’t get his first paycheck for 30 days. We are going to be tight as ticks for the next month. Sigh.

Christmas/Yule is looking particularly lean this year. Double Sigh. We’ll figure something out. WE always do. Probably use my Christmas Bonus, if there even IS one, for shopping. SIGH.

Also? I’m beginning to believe I can get a book published in the next year . And for once it doesn’t feel like wishful thinking.

GOtta dash.
much yet to do.

No time to do it.




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