::blearily blinks at the Monday sun & flips it off::

6 10 2008

weather: High: 72 degrees (WTF?OCTOBER!) and partly sunny.

Still recovering from Kirsten’s bachelorette party on Saturday. What the sam hell possessed me to drink as much as I did.. (For the record– Two cadillac martinis, two lemon drop shots, two rum and cokes and a Bailey’s + Vodka. OY!) We had a great time, though and it was fun seeing . Dinner at Papparazzi, A few drinks back at a bar in Hobart (which broke my lifelong oath of never stepping into a Hobart bar. But they had a REALLY good cover band. )and then back for MORE drinks at my sister’s house. Bri picked my sorry ass up at 1 am. Yikes.Took a B-Complex and 2 Ibuprofen and took my sorry stumbling ass to bed.

Sunday I was up at 9, dragging like crazy. Managed to make some breakfst for Bri and I then got dressed and buggered off to the Hair Cuttery to get my hair whacked.

Here’s before:



And After:



So needless to say, I’m looking a little different today. FIrst step in a big series of steps…:)

Writing has been unfortunately put on a wee hold for the moment. I’m still scribbling in my moleskines but I need to get it put into electonic format.

Okay just did something that caused my eyes to bleed. I stopped by the fox news site to see what BS they were peddling and actually looked at the comments to one of the stories. Wow. Those people really HAVE drunk the Kool-Aid, haven’t they? I mean, it’s one thing to defend your candidates position, which I admire, but these people are practically FROTHING as they repeat the latest e-mailed gossip and smears as though they were radical preachers thumping on a bible and their lives depended on converting the unwashed masses to their way of thinking. Oy.

Really need to get my head back to some sort of focus. I find myself staring into space for lengths of time without realizing it. Not good at work.

So to end the day–have some video fun:

Razed in Black — Oh My Goth!

VNV Nation — Legion (live)




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