3 10 2008

weather: High: 60 degrees and intermittant rain.

So here’s my bulletpointed wrap up of last night”:

  • Sarah Palin is insincere, condescending and her voice makes me want to claw my ears off. (Note–I don’t mind the accent, it’s her grammar and “folksey” pronunciations) In short, she is SOO not any more qualified in my eyes than she was before the debates. She didn’t demonstrate an ability to do more than recite talking points, spout cutesy phrases or belabored anecdotes when cornered and her mugging for the camera gave the impression, even if not intended, that she wasn’t taking this seriously. And I’m sick to my eyeteeth of the phrase “Joe Sixpack”. Not every middle class Middle American is a beer drinking Nascar fan, you narrowminded idiot! You sure as hell don’t represent me or my culture. And I’m as middle class Middle America as they come. Also, you DO realize that 4 out of 5 Americans don’t live in rural locations, right? And they might take exception to the fact that you are saying they lack values or are elitist. There are people struggling in the cities too.
  • Joe Biden rocks the mother fuckin’ world! He PWNED in that debate. He was calm, concise and informed. He didn’t let much slide and called Palin on her inaccurate and misleading statments. He was scholarly and at times passionate, without looking ridiculous. Yes, you eejits. He won.
  • Overall statement? Just because someone managed not to suck and didn’t completely FALE does NOT mean they won. The winner of a debate is someone who succinctly and clearly states their position and is able to defend it. Someone who can give straight answers and can call the opposition on their misstatements without resorting to tired canned responses that are wrong anyway.
  • Supernatural last night was one of the BEST episodes of the series EVER. WE finally had some answers to a whole crapload of plot related questions and the answers were both amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. And a  to be continued? Damn you Kripke!!! ::hugs show to her bosom::
  • This wedding is gonna be the death of me. Ok yes, I’m being melodramatic. And emo. Sue me. I want my weekends back. And yes I’m being completely selfish. I love my sister and I’m glad she’s getting married. I think just between all the crap with the in-laws and the flood and the phone and the furnace and the stress of finances is just kind of destroying whatever enthusiasm I am having about all this.
  • Woking on a writing mix for Devon. Not surprisingly, it’s mostly dark, gothy and visceral. As most vamps tend to be.
  • Am catching up on True Blood and Fringe via my i-Pod though I have to admit the former is proving an interesting endeavor because of all the graphic sex in it. Have to be very surreptitious in my viewing. Sitting next to someone’s granny while I’m watching a woman getting slammed butt nekkid from behind? FALE!

Off for home to go shopping for some last minute Bachelorette goodies!




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