Deja Vu is kicking my ass.

2 10 2008

weather: High:60 degrees and sunny. It was 51 when I walked in today. WOO!

Router still farked up. This is turning into a repeat of yesterday. SIGH.

ETA: YAY! Boss got it working so that’s off the damn plate now. All I have left is all my end of September reports and a bajillion other mini-projects. ::makes with the Manic Joker-Like grin::

The writing is just turning from a drippy faucet to an outright flood. Wicked awesome that the writer’s block is broken, but the timing sucks as usual.

And this doesn’t help:
Video for “system” from Queen of the Damned Soundtrack.

(Stuart Townsend looking delish while miming to Jonathan Davis from Korn Singing. In a slashtastic vampire themed video. It’s no damn wonder my brain has been sizzling lately.)
And here’s the vid for “Cold” by Static-X

Concrete Blond — Bloodletting

Sigh. ::tottles off to write more vampy pr0n::

Supernatural tonight so UBER SQUEEFEST! Bri and I have to hit the stores as well, so we’ll see how we can juggle both. I won’t be watching the debates live because Sarah Palin makes me throw up a little in my mouth and Politics in general gives Brian hives, so I’ll wait and watch the recap after with Keith and Rachel.

Anyway. Must be off now, so more to post later.




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