31 10 2008

weather: High: 65 degrees (jigga Wot?) and partly sunny! Is it a coincidence that Obama is in town today?

It’s Halloween!!!

And only 4 days from Election Day. I’m really really hoping that my vote helps Obama win Indiana, though I’m not holding my breath. And amusingly, he’s in town today. Like 10 minutes from my house. Bri and I are toying with going to the rally, because, how often will we get the chance?

I’m absolutely ecstatic because last night I came up with an ending for “When the Lights God Down.” I HAVE MY FIRST POSSIBLY COMPLETED MANUSCRIPT! Whew!

Now I just have to get the damn thing written.

Here’s me today:

In the office. Bored Now.

In the office. Bored Now.

So tonight we have trick or treaters to feed, possibly a political rally to attend and this weekend is looking to be a mass cleaning effort.

Am looking very forward to casting my vote and praying for the best. For some reason I get this gut level feeling that this election is gonna be significant, no matter what happens. Change will happen. Let’s just hope it’s the right change and this country gets back on track.

Gonna dash as I need to be home early for trick or treaters.

Have a fab Samhain, folks!


The most important day of the year, for me.

30 10 2008

Weather: High: 59 Degrees and sunny!

Today is Brian and my third wedding anniversary. It’s so funny because we’ve known each other for 13 years now that it seems like we’ve been married longer. And I mean that in the best possible sense.

Bri is one of those rare individuals that is just as quirky and off the mainstream as I am. We are not exactly known for our mundane interests. We both loathe sports and love Bollywood films. We love fringe bands. (Hell we danced to a Pizzicato Five song for our wedding!) We love sci fi movies from the cheesy to the sublime, but aren’t the typical fanboy/fangirl. Yeah we like the Star Wars trilogy, but we prefer Dune and Solaris and Sunshine.Again with the weird and unusual. We can pretty much talk about any topic, but we like to listen to others talk about things as well. We’re both knowledge sponges. Maybe that’s why we never get bored with each other. Then there’s our sense of humor. We were both raised by european parents, so that informs our humor. And we were both raised on a steady diet of British comedy, so we appreciate everything from the sarcastic to the snarky to the slapstick. And we make each other laugh. A lot. And I think that’s a big key to our success. We can keep each other in stitches all the time. I just love him to distraction.

So with that in mind, and Halloween tomorrow, which incidentally is the SECOND most important day to me, I am in a very good mindset.

I just got some sobering news from a co-worker. She’s heading into her 4th round of cancer. And it’s progressive. Having watched several of my family members succumb to this horrible disease, I’m heartbroken for her and her family.  This just brings the whole, don’t waste a single day doing nothing philosophy home.

Have been listening to the new Snow Patrol (well samples) and the new Shiny Toy Guns (Less synthpop, more guitars and new female lead. It’s growing on me) and I managed to get my hands on the two Three Days Grace albums finally. Woot! So I have a plethora of music to listen to on the way home.

Also wicked awesome article on Steampunk at this link.

Love that both the subgenre and Abney Park are getting some attention. The band is amazing even set apart from the Steampunk grouping.

Heading home to spend some quality time with the hubby.

Have a good evening everyone!

Oh this is not gonna be a fun day…

29 10 2008

Weather: High: 50 Degrees and partly sunny.

Boss is out sick with Bronchitis. Here’s the bitch. He’s been in sick to the office up until today. We’ve all been in close proximity to him. Let’s weigh the odds that the rest of us are gonna get sick. Sigh.

Got a bit of a headache today. Makes it difficult to be pleasant to people.

New Cure album is out. And I’m broke. Sigh.

Am starting to gather info to make my holiday gifts. Let’s hope they turn out better than I expect.

Bri made our lovely concoction of linguine, lemon, garlic and shitake mushrooms last night, so I have that for lunch today. FTW!! ETA: just finished eating it. NOM NOM NOM.

Really have little to no focus today. Headache is really a pounder. May be turning into a migraine, which will suck here at work.

Gonna cut this short today. Nothing to report and just posting random boredom is not helpful.

More interesting info tomorrow. (Hint: ANNIVERSARY!)


28 10 2008

Weather: High 46 degrees and partly sunny. Cold as Hell this morning and LOVING IT!

I’m gonna be so glad once this election is done with. I know th inane bickering will probably continue. But at least I don’t have to see any more ads and have to listen to this ridiculously histrionic nonsense that people are spouting.

I’m getting some of the stuff I’ve written out long hand into electronic form so I can do some editing. e plot’s a little on the thin side right now so we’ll see how that goes.

Have some neat ideas for holiday pressies, but need to see what my resources look like at the moment.

I can’t believe we’re already at the end of October. This year has again flown by. They all do anymore.

New Moon tonight. Bri and I have some “work” that must be done. A New Moon always is a good starting point for building and drawing and gathering things to you. Thusly, we are needing things to come to us now, not go out. And thus, we have WORK to do. A friend gave us a good spell combo that we’re gonna try to do tonight. Fingers crossed and such.

Fringe on tonight and much more writing to do as well. Things seem to be coming together finally.

A bit of a flashback here:
Depeche Mode — Everything Counts!

Love & Rockets — Ball of Confusion

Monday musings and ZOMG!SQUEE from yesterday.

27 10 2008

Weather: High: 41 and WINDY and ZOMG! WIND CHILL!

Well LJ seems to have tanked for the moment, and surprisingly I’m not twitching at the moment. Probably a good thing.

THe squee mentioned above is from discovering that they made Repo! A Genetic Opera into a MOVIE! What made it even MORE exciting for me was the cast! Anthony Stewart Head, Sarah Brightman, Nivek OgRe (Skinny Puppy) and music played by David J and Daniel Ash from BAUHAUS/Love & Rockets?!!! Dear gods above and below I AM SO THERE!! Basically it’s Blade Runner meets Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Here’s “Chase the Morning” featuring Sarah Brightman. ::ZOMG WIBBLE::

And here’s a Teaser Trailer that shows more performances than the Official Trailer:

This weekend was lovely and relaxing and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

Mom gave us some leftovers from the wedding reception, so Bri and I have some chicken and filets and Wedding Cake to nosh on. Not complaining one bit as money is tight and free food is always of the good!

My sister just called and has made it back from the honeymoon trip mostly intact. I know she’s probably both glad to be home and bummed to be back from Hawaii. I’m also sure she has a metric tonne of photos to share as well.

Writing is going well. I’ve kind of figured out the ending on When the Lights Go Out and since I reread the first 50+ pages of Dark of the Mirror, I think I know where I need to take that manuscript as well. Carrion Dreams is stalled, but I have plenty of notes to go back and consult. We’re trying to get a lot of cleaning done and I think tonight I’ll finally have the dining room table cleared off so I can plop my laptop there, away from the TV and the Intrawebs, so I won’t be distracted when I’m writing.

Can’t believe our third wedding anniversary is only a few days away. Then again, we’ve been together for 13 years so three seems slight up against that. 🙂

Came to a very interesting conclusion over the weekend. I’ve reached the end of my patience with my family and with people who live around us in general. Bri and I were discussing something weird and obscure, (String Theory? Edible Plants origins? Who knows!) and I realized that he was pretty much the only person, barring my friends on line, who I could have this discussion with. Now mind you, I don’t wear this as a badge of “We’re so smart  WOOHOO”, just that other people in my MeatSpace just don’t find these topics interesting or of value. They’d rather discuss sports or the new curtains or how many beers they consumed this weekend. Nothing wrong with that, just not interesting to US. Now, this may come off as us being snobs, but I really don’t look down on people for not having the same interests as us. Really. But I have a low boredom tolerance anymore. Bri and I try our damnedest to converse with EVERYONE about EVERYTHING, but no one seems to be willing to do the same for us. We get a little annoyed that anytime it comes to talk about something we were excited about, we get dismissed or mocked or outright insulted. SIGH.  We get a lot of “That’s stupid. Why would you want to do that?” or “You’re so silly. You’re too old to do that.” It gets really annoying, really fast. And yes, I seriously think getting some distance might help. Does this mean we won’t run into this problem elsewhere? Of course not. But from family and close friends it’s particularly intolerable. We’re Nerdy Geeks in a Nascar environment. Not exactly friendly confines.

Work is par for the course. Worries are still there over this upheaval that’s about to happen. I’m not sure if I should be worried about my job or not, and that has me fingering the resume nervously. I’m trying to keep my head down and do my work, hopefully not attract too much negative attention. Although I’d be lying if I didn’t say that my online activity is getting a little heavier than it should while I’m on the job. I’m going to be cutting back pronto.

So…lots on the mind, thought I have to admit the stress level is slowly dropping. I’m a little freaked out that Christmas is so close on the the horizon and approaching quickly. There’s going to be little in the way of presents this year. Not that it really matters. Bri and I will be making things to give out this year. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, I’ll let this stand for today. I need to get back to work before the giant beast of projects leaps out from behind my monitor and noshes on my innards.

Here’s a bit of Halloween fun: The Marilyn Manson version of “This is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas:

A Friday kinda feeling…

24 10 2008

Weather: High: 53 degrees and rainy.

Too soft a day to be awake and at work.

I’m so over politics right now. Just want to go cast my vote and let the chips fall where they may.

Very tired. Too warm here in the office. Have a lot of writing to get caught up on this weekend. And Our anniversary is coming up. WHEE!

I’m beginning to get a little nervous about the coming holidays. Money is tight and time is short. We’re thinking about making gifts this year rather than buying them! (We just need to get the supplies for them)

Looks like it’s gonna be a short post today, guys.

Weekend will hopefully get us caught back up on the house. Gonna spend some time with the hubster tonight just relaxing, maybe watching a movie. 🙂

Supernatural Thursday and I rock the Mother Effin’ House!

23 10 2008

weather: High: 58 degrees and partly sunny with rain tonight.

SO nice and cool outside today. In fact I’m getting a first hand lesson in dressing approprioately because a thins sweater under a hoodie is like wearing mesh when the wind is blowing and the air temp is in the 40s. So color me chastened when it comes to dressing for the weather.  We’re talking diamond cutters here folks. (And no, I won’t elaborate if you don’t get the reference )

Okay. Work situation is panning out as not as bad as I thought and I’ll leave it at that.

Last night I was very happy to see that MTV2 deigned to show actual MUSIC related programming and I got to see at least a bit of the Avenged Sevenfold concert. And they were AMAZING. I’ve put their live DVD on my Amazon Wishlist. I know I don’t seem like a metal girl, but I have a deep rooted appreciation for any band that has a good vocalist (they do), understands complex song writing (ditto) and uses harmony twin guitars to good effect. (Wibble!) They remind me a bit of Guns and Roses, but M. Shadows can sing CIRCLES around Axl. SRSLY. Add them to a list that includes Disturbed, Anthrax, Megadeth and Metallica of metal bands that I appreciate.  (I’d stick Queensryche in there too, but they’re not technically Metal.)

Writing continues apace. Actually went over the rough draft of Dark of the Mirror and realized I had added some notes to fill in the gaps between scenes. It’s still gonna need a monster of a polish once I get the actual writing done.

Have some Avenged Sevewnfold to close out the day:

Live version of “a Little Piece Of Heaven” that is flabbergasting in it’s sheer awesomeness. I described it elsewhere as Guns & Roses meets Sweeney Todd. Imagine a hard rock musical. SERIOUSLY! It’s AMAZING. All the band members have individual singing parts and musically it wouldn’t be out of place in something like Threepenny Opera. FLOORED when I watch it.

Also: Abney Park explains their path to Steampunk Gods extraordinaire.

(Have I mentioned lately how much I adore this band?? SERIOUSLY. Check out my Last.FM if you don’t believe me!)