Oh wow! Is it possible that common sense is making a comeback?

30 09 2008

weather: high: 59 degrees. I AM LOVING THIS!!! and sunny.

Well first off, work is back to stress+ tedium. Not really unexpected mind you, but half of me is worried about what’s happening and what’s not getting done, and the other half can’t be arsed to care. Not a good mentality when you’re the primary breadwinner right now and the job market sucks ass.

The economic situation has me both frustrated and severly worried. Frustrated because EVERYONE is responsible  for this mess and I mean even the average american. Greed and irresponsibilty and impatience are the cause of this. The Dot Com bust and the surge of Quick Flip real estate schemes are the core of this. Then using Wall Street like a casino. NOONE is exempt from responsibility.  TO point the finger at any one group is hypocritical. This problem has been building for almost 15 years, and NOONE had their eye on the ball, mostly because it was too focussed on their own bank accounts. So Congress? STFU and fix the damn problem. Otherwise you’re going to have the American People pissed off. And you really don’t want that in an election year. I can’t believe I actually agreed with Tucker Carlson this morning, but he was right when he said, maybe it’s a GOOD thing we’re having this financial crisis because it will make people really look at how they have been handling their finances and how the government and investment firms have MIS handled their mortgages, loans and investments. Wake up people! You contributed to the problem. You fix your part and hopefully if we light enough fires under their collective asses, Congress will fix their end.

Okay. Enough political ranting.

Healthwise, I’m still not 100% but hopefully this will change by the 18th so I can be in top form for my sister’s wedding.

Speaking of, the bachelorette party is this weekend. ZOMG! I have no gift, no money and no shoes for the wedding. I am SOO behind the 8 ball right now.

Gonna be heading over to the brother-in- law’s house to play Tech support and set up their new computer. Tomorrow night is go look for rugs and B-Party stuff. And get something for Kirsten for her honeymoon.

I’m really falling back into the days flying by in a blur. I’ve kind of just given myself over to it.

Hopefully once the wedding is done I can get back to relatively normal!




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