In which the weekend approaches but nothing really stops.

26 09 2008

weather: High: 78 degrees (yay for cooldown) and sunny!

Really am just pretending to ignore the political debacle happening in Washington. Fa lalalalala ! Pollyanna fucking Sunshine! I don’t see anything happening! (I’m not sure if I’ve become slightly unhinged or I’m imitating the GOP. Could be both!)

Supernatural ROCKED last night. SO. Apocalypse pending, eh? Sixty six seals to be broken and the Light Bringer escapes to bitchslap the world? I believe it! And Bobby having a Panic room made of iron and coated in salt? FTW! I am so loving this story arc. Castiel is suitably warrior like as an angel, and I love that they’re going the “Prophecy” route with true angelic behaviour, not this namby pamby “Touched by the Light” fluffy bunny crap.

There is a pervasive air of panic floating around today. Part from the economy EPIC FALE, part from the scary idea that Bush is about to plant army troops here on US Soil to “keep the peace”, and a lot from the whole idea that everyone’s job is possibly in jeopardy. I have to admit, the urge to crawl into a cave with the hubster and my laptop and just hunker down for the next 6 months seems very appealing right now.

Bri got a potential lead on a job from a former co-worker. One caveat– it’s in St. Joseph Michigan. I’m all for him taking it if it’s the right money and all, but a small part of me is screaming to get out of the MidWest and I really want to go to Portland. But money remains the big equalizer. If that job pays well, we might be better off moving to MI and later moving to the NW. I’m just sick of being here. I want an entirely new scene with no lingering crap. We just don’t seem able to shake the fucking Indiana dirt off our shoes.

Starting to slowly acquire pieces for my Steampunk outfit. Found a neat Aviator cap that will look AWESOME once I can doctor it and my hair gets chopped. Which I think will happen sometime in the next couple weeks.

This weekend is about shoe purchasing and errand running. Sigh. I’ll be happy when I can get back to relaxing and house cleaning on the weekend.Oh and I need to get the floor cleaned downstairs so we can get the shampooer back to my mum.

Still have to listen and review the Star album for John, and also review the Collide album. SO much with the work this weekend.




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