Great, first the digestive tract, now the throat!

24 09 2008

weather: Sunny, 80 degrees, maybe rain, blah blah blah.

Woke up this morning with a major sore lump in my throat. It’s impeding my ability to talk much, which is a mixed blessing. Boss has told me not to talk so much, but a lot of my job consists of being on the phone, so six of one, half dozen t’other.

I’m trying very hard to just plow through work and get everything done I need to.

Politics has turned amusing. The GOP are eating their own, Obama is leading in the polls, Palin’s magic charm shield is fading and this bailout isn’t gonna sail through Congress like it normally would because people are actually calling shenanigans for once! It’s like Washington has suddenly woken up and realized it’s buried in bullshit. I was especially impressed with this video of Ohio Rep Marci Kaptur’s take on the bailout. She especially calls shenanigans!

Bri and I are suffering minor cold complaints and sinus, mostly from all the crap air we’ve been breathing in from the flood. We still have to get part of the floor cleaned before we can start moving furniture back in. We’re just picking up throw rugs to put down temporarily.

Looks like this weekend is gonna be more of the same. WE’re getting a new refrigerator so that will help out is we have at least ONE working fridge. Our LAN line is STILL out so AT&T will be getting a very terse call from us tonight. And our air conditioning is still not working. I’m beginning to get grumpy about the whole situation. Trying to get our house back on its feet and knowing that the in-laws are going through 10 times the sitch we are does make for a sobering experience.

Writing has been going apace, though I’d like to get my handwritten stuff transcribed to the computer before it becomes an out of control monster!

So now for home and dinner and some telly and house cleaning. Woo. It never bloody ends, does it?




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