Wednesday musings and more flood updates

17 09 2008

weather: Sunny, thank the gods. High: 78 degrees.

So progress has been made. We have the carpet up in the hallway and are slowly moving stuff upstairs and out to the garage. Once the crap and furniture has been removed, we’ll start slowly hacking away at the carpet in the basement and pulling it out. It’s gonna be a tough go with it still pretty saturated.

The In-Laws house is apparently not as bad as feared, though it is far from unscathed. The house is up to about 6 inches below the front door. The top floor is more than likely fine, but the basement is probably a full loss. My FIL is fairly philosophical about the whole thing, so it’s now just a matter of finding out the extent of the damage and getting on with the recovery. There will be plenty of time to lament things later.

Am enjoying Fringe and am fair near to wibbling myself silly that the season premiere of Supernatural tomorrow night (although–EPIC FALE, WGN!–it’s on at 11:30 pm because a BASEBALL game is on. THE NERVE!!)

Here’s a taste of the promo for tomorrow nights eppy of SPN.

Must go home now and move boxes and wet vac some more and try and get some writing done. Yay. The fun never stops, does it?




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