Friday at last! Boss Returns & I try to catch up.

12 09 2008

Weather: Blah. High: 78 degrees & MUGGY MUGGY MUGGY! Rain all day.

Hopefully at some point this afternoon, Brian will get his delayed B-Day present, which I will reveal after he gets it. :VBEG: ETA: Rassin Frassin FED EX!! EPIC FALE! WOn’t be here until tomorrow! AGH!

Brian saw the wee kittens that have been lurking around our yard again. We had been worried because we saw the mum but not the bebbehs for a while. And that was before the storms we had recently. So it was a bit of a relief to see them. Bri fed them some treats that Snoots didn’t like and they scarfed them up. Hopefully they’ll stay safe and grow up to lurk as big cats. We’re like the unofficial guardians of the cats and have done for about 10 years now. We’re not trying to tame them or domesticate them and they don’t rely on us for food, but we still try to keep an eye on them.

JEZZZZUUSS! Ike is gonna kick Texas ASS! I just saw the footage and if Galveston isn’t completely submerged it’s gonna be a freaking miracle! And the people that stayed? Good frikkin luck! An eyewitness down there said there are SHARKS in the water. WOO!  Smart Idea to stay and keep the house safe there, Sparky.  ::watches as the gods cull the herd::

This weekend should be nice and quiet. I hope to get some husband shagging in as well. WOO!




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