Day #4 of Boss Free office drama Circus and a Birthday!

11 09 2008

Weather: High 77 degrees (NOOO! Want 60s back!!) and cloudy. Rain later.

So another September 11 has arrived and another night of me not turning on the telly other than to watch a movie or dvd. Sorry. I along with the rest of America remember the events of this day in 2001 quite clearly. It was only 7 years ago. On the other hand. It WAS 7 years ago. I don’t think 24/7 broadcasting every damn piece of footage/documentary/interview that rehashes the minutiae of that day is either healthy or helpful. Is there anyone you haven’t interviewed about that day? Will this help any of us move past it? This doesn’t mean forget, mind you. BUt re-examining a tragic event this much for this long smacks of OCD and it doesn’t help that the emotional toll of this event is getting mitigated with political grandstanding. It’s disgusting and disappointing.

Anyway. Before I start doing what I was trying to avoid.

All of Abney Park’s performances, the live and acoustic from Dragon*Con have been posted to youtube and I’ve been spending a rather large amount of time over there…

As a matter fact, check out a couple vids here;
Herr Droselmeyr’s Doll (Live at Dragon*Con)

Stigmata Martyr (Acoustic)

I will repeat my weepy bitterness at not being able to attend Dragon*Con this year and see them. (Along with the Cruxshadows, Voltaire and a gaggle of friends and authors and authors who are friends. SIGH)

Anyway–more important than all the above, today is Brian’s birthday. He’s 35 which puts him back at 6 years younger. ::makes cougar noises:: I love him so much and I’m so glad that 13 years after meeting each other we’re still each other’s best friend and compatriot. Hopefully soon we can add a mini-us to the club. Our third anniversary is coming up, although with my sister’s wedding 2 weeks prior there will be a sense of deja vu. Bri loved the two books I got him, thought I’m disappointed that his double secret present hasn’t arrived yet. Pouts. He’ll love it.

Boss will be back tomorrow. And probably grumpy that I didn’t get much done on the to do list. Well… had a few unexpected blow ups and fires to put out that precluded getting a lot of it done unfortuntately, so I hope he knows that I did what I could in the time alotted.

Heading on home. Man I haven’t posted anything of substance this week at All! So pathetic.





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