Day 3: Bossless Office Ramblings. Oh the Huge Manatee!!

10 09 2008

Weather: Chilly again this morning. Rocking the black shawl! High today: 70 degrees and sunny …WANT MY 60s Back Again!!

So far so good, no bodies to bury today. Sigh. Some issues that cropped up yesterday managed to fix themselves overnight. Thank the gods for Tech Fairies and their special brand of Anti- ID10T Dust!

Was very excited to see that the present I ordered from Woot!.Com for Bri might actually arrive tomorrow on his birthday. It’ll make him very Happy I think. Hopefully he’ll like all his gifts. One will have to wait for this weekend. ::stabs Uterus::

Got my Supernatural Season 3 DVDs last night ! WOOOOO!!! Bri and I watched the gag reel which was beyond priceless and I’ll probably end up watching the eps slowly over the next few nights.

Watched Fringe last night. What a fantastic show! A Little X-Files, a little Alias, and a lot of Science! It’s got good actors, strong dialog and really intriguing story lines that they don’t dumb down. It may lose some audience members because it won’t spoon feed them, but that works for me. 🙂

Gotta dash off home and get some writing done. And watch the Secret Policeman’s Ball on BBC America tonight.




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