Oh this does not bode well for the rest of the week.

8 09 2008

Weather: Fall Like! Low 70s- mid 60s and cool. Rain today.

This week my boss is in Connecticut for some work related seminar. Needless to say I’m stuck minding the store. So far, in the first half hour of work, I’ve gotten 3 phone calls of absolute stupidity and had to deal with silliness regarding the new hire and I HAVEN’T EVEN HAD MY COFFEE YET!! Putting up with other people’s stupidity = the reason they pay me the big medium bucks.

Homicide is a potential option –IN MY HEAD. As Bri jokingly said–it seems like a good idea, but we don’t have the bail money. I proffered that it didn’t matter because they took my shovel away and it’s hard to hide bodies in a closet that is already full.


Bri is looking into the potentialities of starting our own business online. Hopefully we can do this in a cost effective start up and eventually move it to a physical store at some point. WOO! He’s doing some research over at Etsy.Com and we’re looking into the various outlets for wholesale supplies…and yes I’m being annoyingly vague for a reason. We’re still at the idea stage and don’t want to start putting the proverbialcart before the steamengine. Or would that be the reverse? ::Ponders. ::

Weather is making me very happy right now. Don’t know why pouring rain would put a smile on my face, but it does. Need to go get some Lunch. Think I’ll take a walk. Downtown Chicago has it’s merits sometime, and a good rainy day does add a tinge of the Gothic to the city. Course it makes everyone else grumbly, which I just have to tune out.

Back in. It is indeed coming down in quite a steady windblown stream. My pants are saturated from the knees down and it’s taken a bit of a dip in the temperature as well. LOVE IT.  Well, the damp clothes, not so much, but the weather is divine. Wish I didn’t have to spend the rest of the afternoon in this bloody windowless cube with fluorescent lights blaring down on me. Beginning to feel a lot like Tom Hanks at the beginning of “Joe Versus the Volcano”, sickened and drained by the work environment and wishing for greener pastures. Literally.  Portland is looking more and more like a good fit.  ::goes back to randomly Googling images of the Pacific Northwest between slaving over spreadsheets.::

OH!  A bit of  weekend stuff– Saturday I went and got my Bridesmaid dress altered. This procedure should be added to the list of banned practices on the Geneva Convention. No woman should be forced to endure this much poking, prodding and awkward posing in a public place surrounded by mirrors and subject to constant commentary by sibling and mother.

Okay so it wasn’t THAT bad. But still. Way to have your insecurities and negative self-image jacked up to the max. OY!

The dress is lovely though. Sort of a chocolate brown, with empire waist, halter strap and straightcut skirt with a layer of chiffon underneath that just gives the illusion of floating when you move. Yeah. I like it. Now to find the appropriate shoes that will not make my feet feel like they’re being pushed out the end of a ballpoint pen. ::Curses wide feet::  After that was a rather wearing session of shopping with my sister and mother who both have finessed the art of going into a store for one thing and spending 2 1/2 hours acting like magpies surrounded by shiny objects.  (note: I HATE shopping. SERIOUSLY. Mostly because I hate being in crowds and wandering around without a plan. Sue me. )

Had my first real fight with my sister as well. Understand, I love her dearly. She’s 6 years my junior, and a sports fanatic, and very much not like me in a lot of ways. (We have a rather yawning chasm between us in the lifestyle/culture/what have you areas. — She’s heading towards being a soccer mom, I’m a 41 year old unrepentant Goth with geek aspirations. Never the twain shall meet) so some dismisseve and condescending comments were made in my direction, and not being one to take them well, I responded with a few tart rejoinders until my Danish Mother who wields the Lethal Glare of DEATH finally put an end to our tiff. It’s all good now, but at the time… It was probably good I didn’t have a sharp pointy object on me.  SIGH. So I finally got home and my lovely husband provided a soft landing for me. Good thing I married someone as quirky as me. A couple of twitchy artists are so good for each other, don’t you think?  Drama aside, it was beautiful weather and that always cancels out some of the bad stuff. Made a fantastic dinner of chicken in a creamy parmesan sauce (FROM SCRATCH!) over penne that was DIVINE!  We finally watched Stargate:Continuum and vegged.

Sunday was simplly Slackerdom. SRSLY. I got the grocery shopping done early (like 8 am early) and we had a nice quiet breakfast. Bri went out to finish some landscaping on the yard, and I got a few things done around the house before settling in on the couch and trying to get some writing done. Muses and brain were not playing nice, so not much done. Made Chicken Pad Thai for dinner and we surfed the telly. Not much more to report.

Anyway. This week will be the usual feast or famine on the work front. I have a list as long as my arm of projects that need doing and my boss e-mailed me this morning with more. Woo.  So I’ve come ful circle in this post back to the hell that is work. I think that means I should shut up and actually WORK.

Have a fab day.

(Crossposted to LJ because I’m a lazy ass today.)




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