Gustav has arrived and look! He brought crappy weather!

4 09 2008

weather: high: 64 degrees (WOOO!!) and RAIN RAIN RAIN!

First off, I actually like rain. It’s just more enjoyable when I’m home and writing and spending time with my husband and psycho-kittie.

On a brief politics tip–Palin shot herself extensively in the ass last night with the “Community organizers” mock in her speech. A lot of organizations and grass roots groups are baying for her blood today. For someone purportedly trying to promote the”family values and community support” platform, you just pissed off the very people you were courting. Not that this matters to me, though I will admit to a little snarky smirking at the situation.

Work is dragging today. Mostly my fault. Spending too much time on Political blogs getting pissed.

Am going to get my hair cut and dyed in a couple of weeks. Dark dark Brown with blond highlights. And cut up to my shoulders (hacking off about 3 inches.) so I can do my 40s style do for the wedding. After that I’m getting it razor cut bob in reverse layers (Long in front, short in back) and I’m gonna overlay the hair color with either Manic Panic After Midnight or Black & Blue or possibly even Cotton Candy if I’m feeling daring.  I’ll definitely post pictures once it’s done.




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