So what if you can see, the darkest part of me…..

3 09 2008

weather: Today-High: 75 degrees (WOO!) and THUNDERSTORMS! (Double woo!) and we’ll be seeing the remnants of Gustav here tomorrow.

Re the subject line: Some times Three Days Grace lyrics suit my mood just fine, thank you.

Been in a real combo of depression and anger lately. Trying very hard not to kill everyone around me with the emotional shrapnel. I think my stomach is taking the brunt of it, which is not necessarily a good thing. I’m mostly angry at myself. I’m going to get fitted with my bridesmaid dress this weekend and I really wanted to have lost a lot more weight than I have.

Add on the lack of time Bri and I have together and how little time I’m spending writing instead of surfing the goddamn web, and I’m getting a little pissed at my situation.

Well just got a bit of good news. Looks like I still have some PTO I can use. Gonna be taking a mental health day for reals.

Gonna be insane busy the next week or so. New hire starting, massive amounts of updates to be done, and the boss will be out 4 of 5 days next week for power users meeting. So I will again be minding the fort on my own, at the mercy of the dreaded needy brokers.

Hopefully with the cooler temps and the lessening of wedding related stuff this week I might actually start de-stressing. Have to work out tonight as well. All this will help.

I think it’s time to climb out of this self-pity wallow and aim the emo at my writing.

Sorry for the tenor of my blogging lately. Needs to stop. Need to find my happy place again and clean out the alligators.



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