Tuesday musings…(Still feels like a monday!)

2 09 2008

weather: This weekend? HOT ! Like surface of the sun HOT! And SUNNY!  SO not happy. Today: High- 91 degrees (GAH!) and Sunny. HOWEVER–Storms tonight bringing through a cold front- HUZZAH!

So– This weekend.

Friday night was a frenzied bit of running around. First to Target to get some gifts for my sister’s Bridal shower, then to Bennigan’s for dinner (apparently the only Bennigan’s that closed were the corporate owned ones. The franchises are still open and serving Irish themed heart-attack on a plate meals.) then off to Borders where Bri and I donated some money to our second bank. (Only deposits, no withdrawals, but nice parting gifts. ) I picked up the “Umbrella  Academy” and “Guilty Pleasures, Vol 2” graphic novels and Bri got a HUGE Coffee Table book on world maps from the remainders table. So booked, fed and exhausted, we headed home where I let Brian work his wrapping genius to get Kirsten’s gift put together and I tussled with Snoots who was bitey after being left alone for too long.

Saturday, I was up wicked early, to get showered and into semi-nice clothes and pack a crapload of stuff into the car for the Shower. I picked my brother up at the train station and we zipped over to my mum’s where we had a nice big breakfast, coordinated the bazillion gifts and tchotchkes we’d be giving away, packed up both cars and were off to the shower. Had a nice talk with my bro who I hadn’t seen in a while.

The shower went well, all enjoying themselves and Kirsten & Marc made out like bandits, as you do. Had a fun tiume with my MIL and Mom and seeing a lot of my sister’s friends whom I hadn’t seen since they were in High School (which has been a long while! ) Got the details for the Bachelorette party hammered out and finally put that sucker to bed. Got home around 5, so shagged I could barely stand. Bri said I looked zombiesque. He was not wrong. Mum stopped by with some fantastic sourdough bread and some treats on her way home from visiting a family friend. Ended up staying up way too late for no other reason than the evil second wind kicked in. Finally the body just up and said “GO TO FUCKING BED ALREADY YOU EEJIT!” and I complied.

After the nightly Snoots Removal at 1 am,  I managed to sleep in till 8 am. Then got up, donned a baseball cap, threw on some clothes and went grocery shopping. Then came home after facing the unwashed masses of Labor Day bargain hunters and fixed a nice big breakfast for Bri and I. Did a little house cleaning, and showered (FINALLY!) and headed off to the in-laws for a nice dinner of grilled steak. NOM NOM NOM. Home again by nine-ish.  Laid out exhausted by 10. Not really feeling all that rested after all this running around.

Up for Nightly Snoots removal at 12:45. went back to sleep until 8:30. Got up, fed cat, made coffee, RELAXED while watching Hurricane updates on the telly. Made a nice breakfast for me and Bri once he got up a little after nine.  Bri headed off to do some work at the in-laws condo and I watched “Gosford Park” for my Clive Owen :: sigh:: fix and did some writing.  Bri got home around 6 and we vegged. I was actually in bed by 10 which is nothing short of a damn miracle.

So– at work today. Slowly ramping back up to the pile of crap I need to get done. Just not able to quite overtop the giant mountain of apathy. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

So– horrifically boring post today, but good bit of track keeping.

And after reading all my friends write-ups on Dragon*Con and weeping in envy and pouting, Bri and I have made a blood oath that we will be going next year if it KILLS us! Hopefully by then I will have my Steampunk outfit done and ready and my hair will be the right shade of blue streaked brown. GRINS.

Daily Vid:

The  Cruxshadows — Birthday (Live)

Abney Park — Stigmata Martyr (yes I’m repeating!)

Oh and I so do not like Sarah Palin. BUt then again, it’s not like I would be voting for that ticket anyway. So moot point.




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