Oh wow! Is it possible that common sense is making a comeback?

30 09 2008

weather: high: 59 degrees. I AM LOVING THIS!!! and sunny.

Well first off, work is back to stress+ tedium. Not really unexpected mind you, but half of me is worried about what’s happening and what’s not getting done, and the other half can’t be arsed to care. Not a good mentality when you’re the primary breadwinner right now and the job market sucks ass.

The economic situation has me both frustrated and severly worried. Frustrated because EVERYONE is responsible  for this mess and I mean even the average american. Greed and irresponsibilty and impatience are the cause of this. The Dot Com bust and the surge of Quick Flip real estate schemes are the core of this. Then using Wall Street like a casino. NOONE is exempt from responsibility.  TO point the finger at any one group is hypocritical. This problem has been building for almost 15 years, and NOONE had their eye on the ball, mostly because it was too focussed on their own bank accounts. So Congress? STFU and fix the damn problem. Otherwise you’re going to have the American People pissed off. And you really don’t want that in an election year. I can’t believe I actually agreed with Tucker Carlson this morning, but he was right when he said, maybe it’s a GOOD thing we’re having this financial crisis because it will make people really look at how they have been handling their finances and how the government and investment firms have MIS handled their mortgages, loans and investments. Wake up people! You contributed to the problem. You fix your part and hopefully if we light enough fires under their collective asses, Congress will fix their end.

Okay. Enough political ranting.

Healthwise, I’m still not 100% but hopefully this will change by the 18th so I can be in top form for my sister’s wedding.

Speaking of, the bachelorette party is this weekend. ZOMG! I have no gift, no money and no shoes for the wedding. I am SOO behind the 8 ball right now.

Gonna be heading over to the brother-in- law’s house to play Tech support and set up their new computer. Tomorrow night is go look for rugs and B-Party stuff. And get something for Kirsten for her honeymoon.

I’m really falling back into the days flying by in a blur. I’ve kind of just given myself over to it.

Hopefully once the wedding is done I can get back to relatively normal!

Is it Monday already? SERIOUSLY? Gah.

29 09 2008

Weather: High: 69 degrees (WOO!) and some rain. (Cue Paranoia)

First off– Steampunk is recognized by MTV? Cue one year of bandwagon hoppers before its settles back down again. However, interview with Abney Park? FTW!!

This weekend kind of sucked on a number of levels, mostly due to personal drama.Without being all emo and revelatory, let’s just say that both Bri and my family have snapped the proverbial camel’s back with all the drama and it’s time we moved on. So, we’re getting the minor repairs done on the house and in the Spring, we’re putting the house on the market. Done and done.

This whole economic clusterfuck is starting to get a little too close to home for my comfort. I’m disgusted by the government in it’s entirety. Both parties. Neither seem to be able to set aside their petty squabbling or their own fucking interests in favor of getting this problem resolved. Wall Street needs to STFU and DEAL with the situation they created. As my mum is fond of saying, it’s time to pay the piper. And the American people, who have already been put through the thresher for the past 5 years as it is, are not gonna fall for the same old business as usual crap. Or are they gonna lie down and take it from the corporate big boys. Guess what, Wall Street and Washington? The American people are fed up, exhausted, broke and JUST NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE.

Heroes tonight, thank the gods!

Running off home as I have a bajillion things to do!

More tomorrow!

In which the weekend approaches but nothing really stops.

26 09 2008

weather: High: 78 degrees (yay for cooldown) and sunny!

Really am just pretending to ignore the political debacle happening in Washington. Fa lalalalala ! Pollyanna fucking Sunshine! I don’t see anything happening! (I’m not sure if I’ve become slightly unhinged or I’m imitating the GOP. Could be both!)

Supernatural ROCKED last night. SO. Apocalypse pending, eh? Sixty six seals to be broken and the Light Bringer escapes to bitchslap the world? I believe it! And Bobby having a Panic room made of iron and coated in salt? FTW! I am so loving this story arc. Castiel is suitably warrior like as an angel, and I love that they’re going the “Prophecy” route with true angelic behaviour, not this namby pamby “Touched by the Light” fluffy bunny crap.

There is a pervasive air of panic floating around today. Part from the economy EPIC FALE, part from the scary idea that Bush is about to plant army troops here on US Soil to “keep the peace”, and a lot from the whole idea that everyone’s job is possibly in jeopardy. I have to admit, the urge to crawl into a cave with the hubster and my laptop and just hunker down for the next 6 months seems very appealing right now.

Bri got a potential lead on a job from a former co-worker. One caveat– it’s in St. Joseph Michigan. I’m all for him taking it if it’s the right money and all, but a small part of me is screaming to get out of the MidWest and I really want to go to Portland. But money remains the big equalizer. If that job pays well, we might be better off moving to MI and later moving to the NW. I’m just sick of being here. I want an entirely new scene with no lingering crap. We just don’t seem able to shake the fucking Indiana dirt off our shoes.

Starting to slowly acquire pieces for my Steampunk outfit. Found a neat Aviator cap that will look AWESOME once I can doctor it and my hair gets chopped. Which I think will happen sometime in the next couple weeks.

This weekend is about shoe purchasing and errand running. Sigh. I’ll be happy when I can get back to relaxing and house cleaning on the weekend.Oh and I need to get the floor cleaned downstairs so we can get the shampooer back to my mum.

Still have to listen and review the Star album for John, and also review the Collide album. SO much with the work this weekend.

Supernatural Thursday makes the Raven SQUEE!

25 09 2008

weather: Sunny. Low 80s. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Is it sad that the fact that Supernatural is gonna be on tonight is the only thing making me smile right now? After last week’s barn burner of an opener I’m really eager to see what’s gonna happen next!

Politics has finally pushed my last bloody button. If McCain gets elected aftr this latest ploy, by “Suspending his campign to focus on the economy”?, I’ll bloody move to Canada. What bullshit.

Hubby and I have called a moratorium on Politics in the house for the time being.

ZOMG!WTF is going on with my digestive track?? SRSLY! It’s like I’ve got snakes having a rave in there!

Oh and  I have a small confession to make. I’m a big fan …of Lipstick Jungle. Now mind you, I HATED Sex & the City. I had no connection with those vapid ninnies. Now for some reason, I do have a connection with the ladies on this show. Maybe because they’re not sleeping around and have steady jobs and oh did I mention PAUL BLACKTHORNE is in it?? I think we have a winner here. I miss my Dresden Files. SIGH. But in all brutal honesty? I do love this show. The writing is excellent and the characters are not caricatures. A nice change.

Paul Blackthorne

Paul Blackthorne

Ah well. Short post again today. Have to go home, make dinner and watch my show. And review an album for my brother. And clean some floors. And somehow get some writing in as well!

I LOVE MY LIFE. [/sarcasm]

Great, first the digestive tract, now the throat!

24 09 2008

weather: Sunny, 80 degrees, maybe rain, blah blah blah.

Woke up this morning with a major sore lump in my throat. It’s impeding my ability to talk much, which is a mixed blessing. Boss has told me not to talk so much, but a lot of my job consists of being on the phone, so six of one, half dozen t’other.

I’m trying very hard to just plow through work and get everything done I need to.

Politics has turned amusing. The GOP are eating their own, Obama is leading in the polls, Palin’s magic charm shield is fading and this bailout isn’t gonna sail through Congress like it normally would because people are actually calling shenanigans for once! It’s like Washington has suddenly woken up and realized it’s buried in bullshit. I was especially impressed with this video of Ohio Rep Marci Kaptur’s take on the bailout. She especially calls shenanigans!

Bri and I are suffering minor cold complaints and sinus, mostly from all the crap air we’ve been breathing in from the flood. We still have to get part of the floor cleaned before we can start moving furniture back in. We’re just picking up throw rugs to put down temporarily.

Looks like this weekend is gonna be more of the same. WE’re getting a new refrigerator so that will help out is we have at least ONE working fridge. Our LAN line is STILL out so AT&T will be getting a very terse call from us tonight. And our air conditioning is still not working. I’m beginning to get grumpy about the whole situation. Trying to get our house back on its feet and knowing that the in-laws are going through 10 times the sitch we are does make for a sobering experience.

Writing has been going apace, though I’d like to get my handwritten stuff transcribed to the computer before it becomes an out of control monster!

So now for home and dinner and some telly and house cleaning. Woo. It never bloody ends, does it?

Flails! ZOMG! New Collide and New Heroes and why does my side hurt?

23 09 2008

weather: 80s and sunny. And us still without air conditioning. Gah!

So — came home to the new Collide album in the mail, complete with postcard and poster (gift for pre-ordering!) and pretty much squeeed and flailed about until I fell over. “Two Headed Monster” is AMAZING. THere are some barn burner rock songs as well as the ambient/atmospheric music I love so much from them! KaRin’s voice is still as hypnotically beautiful as ever. Man, this band is so criminally underappreciated. I’m gonna definitely push this album for all its worth whereever I can…

Speaking of albums, Shortwave Dahlia’s is coming along, per Jack’s post on MySpace. Really am looking forward to this one as I’ve heard most of the demos already and have loved them quite the amount.

oh yeah..the pain in my side. Well, if WebMD and my mum are correct, I may be developing gall stones. Fun. So I’m removing any greasy or fried foods from my diet for the remainder of the week, drinking a lot of coffee, water and apple juice. Eating a lot of apples. I’ll be doing the olive Oil and lemon juice purge this weekend. Double fun. Hopefully this is a minor flare up. I have to wait until my benefits kick in so I can go to the doctor and get properly diagnosed.  I know I have to lose the weight now and get myself healthy. Being 41 and out of shape is unacceptable right now and with the metric tonne of stress that we’ve been under, it’s exacerbating the situation.

Great. Just found out Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow. Fuckses. Luckily it goes direct by October 15, which is three days before my sister’s wedding.

Must dash on home. Floors to clean and stuff to write and Fringe to watch!

Ah…Monday. And First Day of Fall. 2008, please stop sucking now.

22 09 2008

weather: warmer than it should be–past 4 days have all pushed the 80 envelope. Sunny, thank the gods.

So…my weekend. Yeah. Mostly taken up with hacking up the carpet in the basement, moving furniture around, wet vaccing the floor underneath which was coated in a combination of dirt and mildew, and all the while trying to keep the cat from eating the bits and pieces lying around after pulling the carpet up. To add insult to injury, our air conditioning stopped working Saturday night and our phone stopped working as of Sunday morning. Neither are related and we’ve checked all the usual suspects. So we wait on the avilability of a phone tech and possibly a cousin to come over and check the air conditioning.

The days pass and as each one goes, I find another reason to throw on the “Why we want to move” pile.  Criticisms from hypocritical extended family members, the house issues, the money issues, the lack of having anything in common with the people in our area, the rednecks, the bigots, the non-artistic community, the weather– yeah we have a list that just keeps getting longer.

I have GOT to get back to writing. That little side vampire story I was just puttering around with to rid myself of the plot bunny? Has turned into an amusing little anti-cliche vampire novel. I’m literally going out of my way to tip the usual cliches on their head. I’m not talking about the vampire nature, necessarily as we’re still talking fangs and blood and sunlight=owie! and such, but instead of using the usual verbiage and tired “turning” stories, and mopey “oh my pained existence” and “female character seduced into the world of vampires” crap? I’m disposing of that rather viciously. There’s no vampire society structure, and even though the vamps in my story are in a rock band, it’s not a “world famous” band, and they’re not “too cool for school”, they’re kinda dorks. And not really that fond of each other. The female lead is young and in the magazine publishing industry and seriously not that impressed with the main male lead. She’s intrigued and there is a murder mystery and some rather graphic sex and violence, because, lets face it, I can’t write vampire stories without it. But she’s not some wide-eyed innocent in any context. She’s not some reminder of his mortality. Nope. Not in MY story. SHould prove interesting if I ever get to spend some damn time on it. Jaden and Angelica are still poking me for attention, and I have that scene with Zinda percolating.

Having weird aches and pains today. Sharp pains under the left side of my ribcage, somewhere between my lung and stomach. Not sure what that means. Could be stress related or digestion…I’m getting a little tired of feeling sick all the time.  ETA: Well…crap. looks like I have all the symptoms of gall stones. Sigh. hopefully I’m incorrect on this. Though considering my mum, my aunt and my grandmother all had them? Odds on are I might have them as well.  Better get my insurance taken care of so I can see what the hell’s going on.

Bri just called — the in-laws house will need some shoring up in the foundation and new wiring and new duct work. Oy.

Gonna head on home as it is HEROES PREMIERE NIGHT ZOMG!!!

Here: Have an Abney Park Radiohead cover, because you’ve been good!
(ZOMG, Capt. Robert’s voice is AMAZING on this!) It’s live so the visual is a little sketchy.

Thursday and I still can’t be arsed….

18 09 2008

weather: Continued sunny and mid 70s.

I’ll update on the flood situation at the end of this post. Right now, I want to write about what’s been on my mind the past two days. I’ve come to realize that I’m not as strong as I’d like to think. But there is a part of my nature that is very dark and is jockeying for the driver’s seat right now. I’m not talking melodramatic, “I’m soooo dark and scary”. I mean that dark, primal energy that can push the predatory nature that lies at every person’s core to the surface. The nature that makes you want to bite and snap at weaker people. The part of me that feels weirdly comfortable and tends to show up in my fiction. The part that is enamored with vampires and the darkly sexual. Without starting to sound like purple prose, I want to point out that this aspect of my personality has nothing to do with wanting to commit violence or hurt things or people. Just the opposite. It makes me want to hole up and be AWAY from things. Just wallow in sensation and my thoughts.

The problem is it can be damn distracting and makes me lose focus. This is not good when I’m supposed to be working.

I’ve come to realize that when the stress becomes too much for me to deal with and I have no other outlet, this side of my persona claws it’s way to the surface. And people notice. They tell me I get terse, almost cold about things. Is it my psyche doing it’s best to prevent the meltdown? Probably.

Flood update:

We’re still getting stuff out of the basement and I pulled something like 17 gallons of water out of the carpets last night.  WE’re going to get some professional cleaners in to assess whether the carpet is salvageable or not. (I’m thinking NOT. )

The in-laws house is undergoing inspection right now. We’re praying for a green tag so we can get in to assess what’s been damaged. If we get a red tag, they’ll have to wait until the house is deemed safe to enter. With all the sewage, gas and oil in the water, it’s not something you can risk. Add in possible gas leaks  (there was already a house explosion near there) and electrical shorts, and its gonna be a tough going.

Again, my emotions have been stifled for a few days now. I imagine a good old fashioned breakdown is in the offing.


I really really hope all this stuff ends soon. 2008 can stop sucking anytime now.


Wednesday musings and more flood updates

17 09 2008

weather: Sunny, thank the gods. High: 78 degrees.

So progress has been made. We have the carpet up in the hallway and are slowly moving stuff upstairs and out to the garage. Once the crap and furniture has been removed, we’ll start slowly hacking away at the carpet in the basement and pulling it out. It’s gonna be a tough go with it still pretty saturated.

The In-Laws house is apparently not as bad as feared, though it is far from unscathed. The house is up to about 6 inches below the front door. The top floor is more than likely fine, but the basement is probably a full loss. My FIL is fairly philosophical about the whole thing, so it’s now just a matter of finding out the extent of the damage and getting on with the recovery. There will be plenty of time to lament things later.

Am enjoying Fringe and am fair near to wibbling myself silly that the season premiere of Supernatural tomorrow night (although–EPIC FALE, WGN!–it’s on at 11:30 pm because a BASEBALL game is on. THE NERVE!!)

Here’s a taste of the promo for tomorrow nights eppy of SPN.

Must go home now and move boxes and wet vac some more and try and get some writing done. Yay. The fun never stops, does it?

Flood. Fucking Ike. That is All.

16 09 2008

weather….well….we’ve had some rain…::head desk::

Hurricane Ike jumped up and spanked the living shit out of us over the weekend.

We got 2 inches of water in our basement and are in the process of ripping up the carpeting now that the water has finally receded somewhat.  My in-laws weren’t so lucky. Their house is in the block south of the Little Cal river which broke it’s banks on Saturday and they were forced to evacuate. They are staing at their new condo in Highland, but it’s lacking a few things, like furniture, clothing pretty much ANYTHING.

Needless to say that we are more than a little exhausted from spending the past 72 hours wet vacuuming carpeting that will have to be ripped up anyway, and trying to salvage boxes of files that are probably gonna have to be thrown away.  I spent half the time sweating and soaked to the bone, the other half shell shocked and trying not to cry.  It’s so stupid. I know I have to be a grown up and just DEAL WITH IT. There will be plenty of time to cry later. If I even care at that point.

Bri and I are just DONE with this. We wish we could just cut our losses and pack up and move. I know this is not possible and merely us being foot stomping exhausted about the whole situation.