Friday before the deluge….

29 08 2008

Weather: High — 81 degrees and cloudy.

Well this weekend will be a barn burner.  If I don’t end up imploding or going homicidal, I’ll at least have Monday off for Labor Day.

Obama’s speech last night left me speechless. Amazing. Inspiring. And as I told the hubby, he said everything I ever wanted to hear from a candidate.

And McCain counters by making Sarah Palin his running mate? Smacks of desperation. Just because she’s female doesn’t automatically mean she’ll win the female vote.  She’s vehemently anti-choice, anti-gay marriage, a lifelong NRA member, supporter of big oil….it goes on and on.  She’s the anti-Hillary.  If the PUMA contigent want to totally toss aside what they supposedly believe in just to make a point and this harridan gets voted in…I may have to eschew my anti-hunting stance. SRSLY. (Mind you I’m not talking about shooting anyone because I hate guns. But I’m not above smacking people with fish. Really. )

So. Getting out of work early today. Thank the benevolent deities. Leaving in 15 minutes. Woo!

I may not post anything this weekend.  Hopefully there will be a minimum of bodies at the Bridal shower so I’ll be back after the weekend.

Here. Have an Abney Park video. I’ll just be over here being bitter about not seeing them at Dragon*Con. ::starts saving up pennies for next year::

Abney Park – Herr Drosselmeyer’s Doll live



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