Thursday. And there’s not enough caffeine in the world…

28 08 2008

Weather: High – 84 degrees and thunderstorm WOO!

Note: When you are already in an overstimulated ::ahem:: frame of mind, listening to Martin Gore’s cover of Loverman is not going to help the situation. And when the first option that leaps to mind is telling the boss you need to take a half day to go home and shag your husband? Not a good plan!

Went out for lunch with Lisa and had a nice talk about stuff and we commisserated on how screwed up the economy was & how it was hitting us directly.

Am really running on fumes these days. Need to get back to doing exercise as I seem to have more energy.

If I survive the Bridal Shower this weekend, I think I’m gonna lock myself in a room and write like a madwoman to get all these muses to shut up in my head. SRSLY, guys!  Give it a rest!

I have such a short temper with people today. I just want to go home, work out, get some writing done and go to bed. WIth a minimum of human contact. (My husband excepted.)

This feels like a bshopping list all of a sudden: Pick up milk, bread, anti-depressants, drama llama, baseball bat and angsty emo for the weekend. SIGH.

On the politics front, just wanted to say that Joe Biden’s speech last night reaffirmed my belief that they made a good choice for VP. Am looking forward to Obama’s speech tonight. Am fed up to the eyeteeth with the “Hillary didn’t win so we’re voting for McCain” people. Really? way to abandon your issues there people, because in case you didn’t notice, he doesn’t represent ANYTHING that Hillary stood for. And you’d rather subject this country to 4 more years of this current bullshit to get a “neener neener” at the man who did get the nom? Way to go! ::thumbs up::  YOU PEOPLE ARE FUCKING MORONS.

Anyway. Must dash. Hopefully my brain will engage again soon an post something of note.




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