Tis the Middle of the Week and ZOMG! is that the DATE?

27 08 2008

Weather: High 81 degrees and sunny. Still odd for August.

So tired. Snoots woke me at 12:45, so I gave himsome treats and closed him out of the bedroom and then was woken again at 1:30 am to him doing barrel rolls and meaowing loudly against the bedroom door. Sigh. This behavior just started a couple of weeks ago and I’m already starting to suffer the consequences.

Bri and I are suffering from sore abs as we just restarted our workout regimen (for the gazilionth time.) but I think we’re more motivated than before. We want to look good for Kirsten’s wedding in October. I know I won’t be SKINNY by then, not that I want to be skinny full stop. I’d love to be back to the weight I was when I lived in Chicago, which was 135 pounds and a size 10. I’d be FINE with that.

Trying to stay awake at work and failing miserably.

Have been writing feverishly in my moleskine. I’m getting 4-5 pages long hand written every train ride home. Mostly on this side rockstar-vampire thing that just will not let me work on anything else. I’m almost at a good breaking point and need to get back to writing Carrion Dreams before the trail gets cold on that one.

So this weekend is the bridal shower. And I have a ton to do. My sister has e-mailed me the sheets for the bridal shower games and I am scheduled to be at my mum’s ass crack early on Saturday. Sigh.  It should be fun, though the fact that I’m gonna be having to help MC the event and there will be 60+ people there…yeah. Butterflies are not even the beginning of it.

Feel the need to post a vid today.

(Swedish band, singing in Swedish, murder ballads. With a modern rock twist. I LOVE THEM!)

Shakira — Ojos Asi
(Back when I still loved her music and she was the Colombian Alanis Morrissette. I still like her Spanish language stuff better than the watered down English stuff)

Off to the train.




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