Tuesday. Nuff Said.

26 08 2008

Weather: high — 77 Degrees and Sunny.

Spent sometime this morning compiling a music thingie for LJ while running download for the Company database. Fielded a bajillion calls…from family. OY!

Brian’s cousin is over at the house right now, ripping out the crumbling concrete step from under our back door. Hopefully we’ll have a new step by the weekend. Otherwise it’s gonna suck a skosh. As it is we’ll have to use the front door to exit and enter for now. Which is more problematic than it sounds. (Our garage is detached and behind the house, and the path from front to back is also getting torn up and re-poured. So we’ll need to cut across the front lawn, walk down the alley and come back up the driveway to get to the garage.) Yeah I know. Cry me a river.

Brian’s applying to a bunch of jobs today so we’re keeping our fingers crossed. I’m hanging onto my sanity here by the brittle tips of my fingers. But changing my situation is on hold until the hubster gets something more stable.

Breaking news: Apparently the flights are all grounded across the country because of a computer communication failure. This is amusing in only one sense — my sister is flying today. She has YET to have a smooth flight anywhere. I swear she’s cursed!

Mom and my sister and Brian have all been calling me today. I’m gonna start letting VM take care of it. What a crazy insane start to the week.

My innards feel full of snakes. There is a lot of gurgling going on and bathroom visits have been highly embarrassing events today. Don’t know if it’s what I’m eating or if I should cut back on the Acidophilus and yogurt combo in the morning.

And now that I’ve devolved into posting about poo…time to sign off.

Sorry for the randomosity of this. Hopefully the coherency will return tomorrow.




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