Sigh. Monday again. It’s like every 7 days–there it is…

25 08 2008

weather: Weekend: Warm and muggy on Saturday, cooler and drier on Sunday. Today: High – 74 and sunny.

This weekend was actually delightful in that we did little to nothing all weekend. We did get some housework done and of course the grocery shopping. Ended up watching “The Namesake” with Brian on Friday and LOVED it. I followed it up with “PS I Love you” which was sweet and I got to see Gerard Butler in boxers and  Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s butt, so what’s not to like? Both movies were very emotionally involving and considering that “the Namesake” was directed by Mira Nair, it was no suprise that visually it was stunning as well. How often do you get to see inside the Taj Mahal in a film? Kal Penn was amazing in this film. And yes, he does make you forget he’s Kumar rather quickly.

On Saturday we watched “Bridge to Terabithia” , because I’d only seen it in pieces and Brian hadn’t seen it at all. I was a wreck at the end of it. Brian was scrambling to get kleenex for me. Yes I’m a big ole sap, but I identified a little too much with the main character, Jess. I understood about having an imagination too big to keep in your head. And the alienation it causes from people who don’t understand.

Having a bit of a rough patch with …well everyone right now. Not really angry with anyone, but I’m finding my sympathy is yet again sandwiched between shit and syphilis in the dictionary. I’m just spread too thin right now. I’m so exhausted that just trying to wheedle up some emotion on anything is like unlocking the floodgates. It’s feast or famine in the world of Ms. Heidi’s brain.  Sigh.

Again with the perpetual whine of why am I not writing instead of doing this silliness of a job? Oh yeah! Because we’re broke and I’m sugar mama for the moment. And that’s no aspersion being flung at Brian. He’s doing his damndest to find something ANYTHING at this point.  I’m honestly beginning to think that the not-so-benevolent deities are strong arming us into taking that leap of faith and GTFO of NW Indiana. All I know is it is getting damn near time to leave.

So tired. Gotta somehow manage to get Snoots to stop waking me up at 3 ZOMG am every night. IT’s getting ridiculous.

GOtta dash. Hopefully something more coherent tomorrow.




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