Friday. Finally. I’ll have that drink now.

22 08 2008

Weather: High – 83 degrees and HUMID with thunderstorms predicted.

This week has been made of FALE all way round. I feel like 7 days have passed with absolutely nothing getting accomplished in any area. Sigh.

Been writing like crazy, and have been using what little is left of my usable brain matter to concoct lines and plots for the other stories floating around. Is it a bad thing that I wish I could just stop everything else I’m doing and just write? It’s been a long long time since the writing bug has bit this hard. I’ve literally come to a place where I HAVE to write or my head will burst.

Work is going slowly today and I think my boss may suspect I’m am not focusing all my  energies on it. And he’d be right.  Spent the last half hour looking up pictures for my characters. Yes, I’m visually obsessed. Can’t help it.

The family is all over the place this weekend. My sister, brother and my brother’s girlfriend are all up in Minnesota because my sister’s friend is marrying his boyfriend (FINALLY!) I know both the parties involved and they make a lovely couple.  Mum is using this free weekend to re-energize herself before the Bridal Shower next weekend. (ZOMG!! IT’S ALMOST HERE!!). Bri and i will probably use this weekend to catch up on OUR house. This means turning off the phone so the IL’s don’t call for help on the condo.  I’d like to use this weekend to get caught up on some actual writing and get a good chunk done on Carrion Dreams before the juice stops on it. (I’ve come up with a slew of scenes that haven’t been committed to paper or pixels yet. Yikes!)

The weather looks like it’s going to be sporadically rainy, which always seems to be good for my creative streak. I feel bad for my friends in Florida as Tropical Storm Fay is bitch slapping them for a second AND third time. Lots of flooding and wind. Hopefully it will dissipate and move on.

So. This week has been a flurry of chaos with not much to show for it. Sad but true. The Olympics closing ceremony is this Sunday. And then 2 more years till Vancouver for the winter games. Hopefully Bri and I will be living in Portland by then and maybe we can make our way up to see the events.  Granted I’d love to be in London for the 2012 ones. More swimmers for me!!!

Off to catch the train and write some more on this going nowhere Mary Sue Vampire story before it completely eats my brain. 🙂




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