I can see the weekend…and it might not actually suck!

21 08 2008

weather: High – 78 degrees with scattered thunderstorms later.

Am going to sidestep talking about anymore negative stuff for a while, because the depression spiral is lurking around the corner and I’d like to avoid giving it any reason to pounce on me.

Found a new trailer via Summer of Vampires for Perfect Creature. How did I not know this movie existed? Steampunk Vampire film? I AM SO THERE:

Dougray Scott as a Vampire in a wardrobe leftover from Equilibrium? DEAR GOD!!

Am really getting into Abney Park, as I’ve probably mentioned a gazillion times before. Can’t help it.  Their music is intoxicating and of course all the Steampunk aspects are like candy coated crack to me.

Starting to see results from my lowered intake of food and heightened movement. Granted the scale isn’t really showing much movement. BUt my clothes are starting to fit looser, so I take that as a good sign.

I’m starting to drink more water and I’ve left behind the “second breakfast syndrome” . (I eat breakfast at 5 am on work days so usually by 9 am I’m feeling  little peckish. I’ve been settling for my thermos of coffee and moving my lunch back to noon-ish–usually it’s between 1 and 2–and it seems to be working.)

Looks like we’re going to get some rain tonight so sleeping will be at a premium. I’m trying my damndest to be in bed before 11:00 so I can get a minimum of 6 hours of sleep. This 3 & 4 hour bullshit is starting to catch up with me.

Need to finish this scene up for the unnamed rock star/vampire story, if nothing else to get the damn thing out of my head. I need to get back to work on Carrion Dreams and Dark of the Mirror. Jaden has been particularly vocal in my head lately. And he’s an annoying bastard when he starts poking.

More to talk about tomorrow. Sorry for the lack of useful info lately.




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