Sleep deprivation is not my friend.

13 08 2008

Weather: High – 75 degrees with isolated Thunderstorms. Woo!

i am HURTING this morning. Got to bed around 12:45 am after watching the Olympics (more on those later) and  was unceremoniously woken up and dragged out of bed by Snoots at 4 OMG! 30 am.  SO I’m sleep deprived, PMS’ d and cranky. Not good for my co-workers that is for sure.

Am tired. Full stop. Brian’s cranky too, for other reasons.

Have to try and stay awake long enough to get some work done….

Olympic squee will be short today.  Phelps won Gold Medals # 4 & 5 yesterday. And absolutely kicked ass in both races. The relay team was fantastic. Felt bad for Katie Hoff who didn’t medal in either of her races. The announcers are getting lamer by the day. In their eyes, there is noone else in the pool but Phelps. Sigh. Such rudeness.  The women’s gymnastics team scored silver, mostly due to several errors on the beam and the floor exercises.  China did do better to score gold, but there were errors there as well. More swimming tonight and the mens’ gymnastics all-around finals are tonight as well.

Bashed my knee into one of the benches at the train station last night and today I have a nice quarter sized bruise square on the knee cap. Problem is, when I walk, the joint is aching horribly. When I hit it, it almost felt like I knocked the knee cap skyways. Hopefully it’s just bruised tendons/ligaments and it will work itself out.

Lately I just feel like I’m in a daze. Don’t know what to do with myself. I’m enthralled with the Olympics, eager to get myself in shape, wanting very much to write, start a family, move away, etc!  It’s a lot to get started on.

Off to catch my train, limping most of the way…




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