TGIFF: Thank the Gods its F**king Friday!

8 08 2008

Weather: Hight today 76 degrees and partly sunny. Very nice because the humidity’s buggered off!

Man this has been the week that never ends! For some reason all the storm carnage seemed months ago, until Bri and I drove through Munster, IN and saw all the blue tarp covered houses and literally EVERY street had half a tree at the curb in from of every house. And Munster was light compared to what happened in Griffith. Still…OY! what a mess.

The in-laws are almost at the signing for their condo and will have their house on the market soon. We will probably be doing what we can to help them get packed up and moved. We are getting 2  fridges out of the deal so there is no complaint here! (One for the basement and one for the kitchen. Our kitchen one likes to go into defrost mode for no reason. Thus the need for replacement. )

OFF TOPIC: What the hell?? Apparently Russia just invaded Georgia!!! And ironically the news is doing a crap job of covering it. Sigh.

Also, I need to stop reading political blogs. They’re starting to give me a monster migraine. Sheer blundering idiots–ALL of them. SIGH. When we have mainstream press trying to proffer the question of whether Obama is the Anti-Christ? There is not enough head-desk in the world. I am gonna be SO happy when theis election is over, regardless of who wins, just so I don’t have to hear about it again.

On the YAY side of the fence–Tonight is the Opening Ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics. Granted they already happened (what with China being all the way on the other side of the planet and all) but It will be cool nonetheless to see the ceremony on telly tonight. And tomorrow, my sprockets, we have SWIMMING! (ZOMG!Michael Phelps!) . This weekend is gonna be a bit wonky. I need to get out to see my mum and sister about some things for the bridal shower and the upcoming wedding. I’m having a bit of a panic attack seeing how close everything is. I have GOT to lose the weight before the wedding. Now I only have 2 months. DAMN PROCRASTINATION!!!

I think I’m reaching that point where I need to remove myself from conversations about politics and world events again. I have a throbbing headache right now after an extended convo with my mum. we don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things political, but between that rather highly strung convo and the barrage of stuff hitting the blogs about John Edward’s affair and Obama and McCain’s back and forth and the constant CONSTANT stream of bad news globally…yeah. Had my fill. With exception to the Olympics I think I’m gonna leave the news out of the viewing loop for this weekend. I have enough to stress about right now and, while I know I should be concerned about things, I really don’t have the energy right now to spare for it.

So my friend Lisa has told me that she’s toying with the idea of a Steampunk wedding when she and her lifemate Tom decide to tie the proverbial knot. I don’t think there will be an end to the squeeing on my part if it pans out!!! After my sister’s wedding this October, there are going to be a lot of interesting changes in my lifestyle, health and fashion. I’ve reached that point of being sick of how I look, knowing that I’ve been doing the “comfortable clothes for work” thing for too long. I also realized I’m backsliding into that dangerous area of fashion known as “Soccer Mom”– ::Shudders:: — which no amount of black nail polish can counter act and that must STOP! So–first we must get into shape. Corsets are not fun when you have bulges in the wrong areas! Also, Manic Panic, Kambriel and BPAL will be getting more of my business. Got the new issue of Gothic Beauty magazine yesterday and found a lot of inspiration in that. So did Brian. As in he found inspiration in things that he’d like to see me in and then out of. LOL!

So  a lot of changes on the horizon, both internal and external. We are still wanting to start a family, if my bloody plumbing would get with the program!

Anyway–This weekend will be busy and I will probably not get much done in the online world. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Hopefully I WILL get some more writing done. I’ve been averaging about 1000 words a night across various manuscripts.

Come Monday, I hope a lot of this stress will be alleviated. SIGH.




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