Thursday musings & some non-commentary on drama.

7 08 2008

Weather: High today: 79 degrees and lower humidity. It’s nice and cool this morning WOO!

So first off, my non commentary on personal drama. I don’t discuss personal drama online. Especially if it concerns people close to me. I don’t feel it’s my place and it certainly is not fodder for the public or my friendslist on LJ. The only people discussing it or weighing in should be the people involved. I am currently in such a situation. And I will continue to not comment on it. I will keep hoping for the least painful resolution and will be there OFFLINE for them. But don’t look here for thinly veiled comments or references or side-taking. It’s not gonna happen. In fact this is the last I will make non-comments about it. There will be NO mention of this on Livejournal. Because ultimately, its nobody’s fucking business.


Still obsessing over Three Days Grace’s vid for “Animal I’ve Become”. Posted it a couple days ago. Go take a gander. ::whistles:: See? There’s wayyyy too much inspirational imagery in that video for me. Adam, the lead singer, manages to really do the dark emo thing without looking melodramatic or cheesey. I BUY that he’s got a demon trying to come out. And that’s why I’m constantly going back and working on this random rock star/vampire story I concocted. SIGH. I’m gonna start needing to corral my muses back into some sort of pecking order to get anything done. Carrion Dreams is definitely progressing. In fact I’ve written consistently every day on the train ride home from work. So at least it’s moving forward. Like molasses uphill, but MOVING.

Brian is back at Northwestern Hospital doing freelance Design work for them, and not much with the loving there. He mentioned something about sporking his eyes out from boredom and frustration (though I may be elaborating). HE also mentioned re-doubling his efforts to find a new job. I don’t blame him. Unemployment sucks. Not as much as the current job market sucks, but then not much does.

The in-laws have finally put their house on the market and will be doing the final paperwork for the condo soon. Thank the gods! Honestly, I think this will be a huge relief of stress for them. They can leave for Florida earlier now because they won’t have to worry about the house upkeep in the fall and winter. This in turn takes some stuff off Bri and my plate. We’ll be able to get our house taken care of and there will be less late autumn craziness. Although this year there will still be craziness due to my sister’s wedding in October. But at least that’s a good kind of craziness. 🙂

Well I’m running out of time here today and I seem to have rambled enough. I’ll try and do my write up on advice for beating writer’s block tomorrow. MInd you the boss will be back and I have some meetings to go to…so time may be limited.

Oh and on a totally off topic note–the Olympic Opening ceremony is tomorrow night and Bri and I will be geebling over the spectacle. I know it’s not politically correct to be all OMG!SQUEE about the Olympics this year…but I get to see my beautiful swimmer boys and I DO NOT CARE!

(I’m supporting my athletes, not the political regime of China here. ) Ol




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