There’s a gathering of the tribes nearby, but I can’t attend…

1 08 2008

Weather: high: Upper 80’s, though with the rain and humidity it’s like trying to breathe underwater out there. GAH!

First things first–here’s my new wallpaper at work…

Gaiman Gothic

Gaiman Gothic

More images here :Neil Gaiman’s Blog

that’s Amanda from the Dresden Dolls with him)

Onto the matter in the subject line.

Today starts the three day gathering of the tribes in Chicago. Yes, 5 blocks from me there will be hundreds of thousands of music fans. And if I wasn’t BROKE and STUCK AT WORK I’d be there too! COME ON! Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead Headlining?? I’D BE THERE WITH BELLS ON!

This afternoon, I’ll NOT be seeing Bloc Party, Gogol Bordello or the Raconteurs. CRIES MORE!

Had one of the muses hammering away at my brain last night. Only problem–isn’t one of the muses for current manuscripts in progress. Sigh. So I ended up getting a 1200+ scene written, that has nothing to do with anything I’m currently writing. Double sigh. But hubby wanted to read it, so maybe some good will come of it. VBEG.

So Payday today. Some bills need paying and goddess knows we need groceries. I’d like to see this paycheck stretch to the next payday. Thank the benevolent deities that this is a 3 paycheck month for me. That means we have a paycheck that no mortgage payment comes out of.

Anyway. Gotta dash. Weekend beckons and I’m damn near perished after all is said and done. Hoping for some revitalization tonight. VBEG. Oh and Doctor Who Season Finale tonight. WOO! And Long Way Down starts tomorrow night. Double Woo!

Been on a Three Days grace kick lately. Here’s a vid:
Animal I’ve Become

(ZOMG–the sequence where Adam is walking through the bar? NEW SCENE IDEA!)

And just for S & Gs (because it’s a big influence on my writing.)
Godsmack — Voodoo




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