Friday before the deluge….

29 08 2008

Weather: High — 81 degrees and cloudy.

Well this weekend will be a barn burner.  If I don’t end up imploding or going homicidal, I’ll at least have Monday off for Labor Day.

Obama’s speech last night left me speechless. Amazing. Inspiring. And as I told the hubby, he said everything I ever wanted to hear from a candidate.

And McCain counters by making Sarah Palin his running mate? Smacks of desperation. Just because she’s female doesn’t automatically mean she’ll win the female vote.  She’s vehemently anti-choice, anti-gay marriage, a lifelong NRA member, supporter of big oil….it goes on and on.  She’s the anti-Hillary.  If the PUMA contigent want to totally toss aside what they supposedly believe in just to make a point and this harridan gets voted in…I may have to eschew my anti-hunting stance. SRSLY. (Mind you I’m not talking about shooting anyone because I hate guns. But I’m not above smacking people with fish. Really. )

So. Getting out of work early today. Thank the benevolent deities. Leaving in 15 minutes. Woo!

I may not post anything this weekend.  Hopefully there will be a minimum of bodies at the Bridal shower so I’ll be back after the weekend.

Here. Have an Abney Park video. I’ll just be over here being bitter about not seeing them at Dragon*Con. ::starts saving up pennies for next year::

Abney Park – Herr Drosselmeyer’s Doll live

Thursday. And there’s not enough caffeine in the world…

28 08 2008

Weather: High – 84 degrees and thunderstorm WOO!

Note: When you are already in an overstimulated ::ahem:: frame of mind, listening to Martin Gore’s cover of Loverman is not going to help the situation. And when the first option that leaps to mind is telling the boss you need to take a half day to go home and shag your husband? Not a good plan!

Went out for lunch with Lisa and had a nice talk about stuff and we commisserated on how screwed up the economy was & how it was hitting us directly.

Am really running on fumes these days. Need to get back to doing exercise as I seem to have more energy.

If I survive the Bridal Shower this weekend, I think I’m gonna lock myself in a room and write like a madwoman to get all these muses to shut up in my head. SRSLY, guys!  Give it a rest!

I have such a short temper with people today. I just want to go home, work out, get some writing done and go to bed. WIth a minimum of human contact. (My husband excepted.)

This feels like a bshopping list all of a sudden: Pick up milk, bread, anti-depressants, drama llama, baseball bat and angsty emo for the weekend. SIGH.

On the politics front, just wanted to say that Joe Biden’s speech last night reaffirmed my belief that they made a good choice for VP. Am looking forward to Obama’s speech tonight. Am fed up to the eyeteeth with the “Hillary didn’t win so we’re voting for McCain” people. Really? way to abandon your issues there people, because in case you didn’t notice, he doesn’t represent ANYTHING that Hillary stood for. And you’d rather subject this country to 4 more years of this current bullshit to get a “neener neener” at the man who did get the nom? Way to go! ::thumbs up::  YOU PEOPLE ARE FUCKING MORONS.

Anyway. Must dash. Hopefully my brain will engage again soon an post something of note.

Tis the Middle of the Week and ZOMG! is that the DATE?

27 08 2008

Weather: High 81 degrees and sunny. Still odd for August.

So tired. Snoots woke me at 12:45, so I gave himsome treats and closed him out of the bedroom and then was woken again at 1:30 am to him doing barrel rolls and meaowing loudly against the bedroom door. Sigh. This behavior just started a couple of weeks ago and I’m already starting to suffer the consequences.

Bri and I are suffering from sore abs as we just restarted our workout regimen (for the gazilionth time.) but I think we’re more motivated than before. We want to look good for Kirsten’s wedding in October. I know I won’t be SKINNY by then, not that I want to be skinny full stop. I’d love to be back to the weight I was when I lived in Chicago, which was 135 pounds and a size 10. I’d be FINE with that.

Trying to stay awake at work and failing miserably.

Have been writing feverishly in my moleskine. I’m getting 4-5 pages long hand written every train ride home. Mostly on this side rockstar-vampire thing that just will not let me work on anything else. I’m almost at a good breaking point and need to get back to writing Carrion Dreams before the trail gets cold on that one.

So this weekend is the bridal shower. And I have a ton to do. My sister has e-mailed me the sheets for the bridal shower games and I am scheduled to be at my mum’s ass crack early on Saturday. Sigh.  It should be fun, though the fact that I’m gonna be having to help MC the event and there will be 60+ people there…yeah. Butterflies are not even the beginning of it.

Feel the need to post a vid today.

(Swedish band, singing in Swedish, murder ballads. With a modern rock twist. I LOVE THEM!)

Shakira — Ojos Asi
(Back when I still loved her music and she was the Colombian Alanis Morrissette. I still like her Spanish language stuff better than the watered down English stuff)

Off to the train.

Tuesday. Nuff Said.

26 08 2008

Weather: high — 77 Degrees and Sunny.

Spent sometime this morning compiling a music thingie for LJ while running download for the Company database. Fielded a bajillion calls…from family. OY!

Brian’s cousin is over at the house right now, ripping out the crumbling concrete step from under our back door. Hopefully we’ll have a new step by the weekend. Otherwise it’s gonna suck a skosh. As it is we’ll have to use the front door to exit and enter for now. Which is more problematic than it sounds. (Our garage is detached and behind the house, and the path from front to back is also getting torn up and re-poured. So we’ll need to cut across the front lawn, walk down the alley and come back up the driveway to get to the garage.) Yeah I know. Cry me a river.

Brian’s applying to a bunch of jobs today so we’re keeping our fingers crossed. I’m hanging onto my sanity here by the brittle tips of my fingers. But changing my situation is on hold until the hubster gets something more stable.

Breaking news: Apparently the flights are all grounded across the country because of a computer communication failure. This is amusing in only one sense — my sister is flying today. She has YET to have a smooth flight anywhere. I swear she’s cursed!

Mom and my sister and Brian have all been calling me today. I’m gonna start letting VM take care of it. What a crazy insane start to the week.

My innards feel full of snakes. There is a lot of gurgling going on and bathroom visits have been highly embarrassing events today. Don’t know if it’s what I’m eating or if I should cut back on the Acidophilus and yogurt combo in the morning.

And now that I’ve devolved into posting about poo…time to sign off.

Sorry for the randomosity of this. Hopefully the coherency will return tomorrow.

Sigh. Monday again. It’s like every 7 days–there it is…

25 08 2008

weather: Weekend: Warm and muggy on Saturday, cooler and drier on Sunday. Today: High – 74 and sunny.

This weekend was actually delightful in that we did little to nothing all weekend. We did get some housework done and of course the grocery shopping. Ended up watching “The Namesake” with Brian on Friday and LOVED it. I followed it up with “PS I Love you” which was sweet and I got to see Gerard Butler in boxers and  Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s butt, so what’s not to like? Both movies were very emotionally involving and considering that “the Namesake” was directed by Mira Nair, it was no suprise that visually it was stunning as well. How often do you get to see inside the Taj Mahal in a film? Kal Penn was amazing in this film. And yes, he does make you forget he’s Kumar rather quickly.

On Saturday we watched “Bridge to Terabithia” , because I’d only seen it in pieces and Brian hadn’t seen it at all. I was a wreck at the end of it. Brian was scrambling to get kleenex for me. Yes I’m a big ole sap, but I identified a little too much with the main character, Jess. I understood about having an imagination too big to keep in your head. And the alienation it causes from people who don’t understand.

Having a bit of a rough patch with …well everyone right now. Not really angry with anyone, but I’m finding my sympathy is yet again sandwiched between shit and syphilis in the dictionary. I’m just spread too thin right now. I’m so exhausted that just trying to wheedle up some emotion on anything is like unlocking the floodgates. It’s feast or famine in the world of Ms. Heidi’s brain.  Sigh.

Again with the perpetual whine of why am I not writing instead of doing this silliness of a job? Oh yeah! Because we’re broke and I’m sugar mama for the moment. And that’s no aspersion being flung at Brian. He’s doing his damndest to find something ANYTHING at this point.  I’m honestly beginning to think that the not-so-benevolent deities are strong arming us into taking that leap of faith and GTFO of NW Indiana. All I know is it is getting damn near time to leave.

So tired. Gotta somehow manage to get Snoots to stop waking me up at 3 ZOMG am every night. IT’s getting ridiculous.

GOtta dash. Hopefully something more coherent tomorrow.

Friday. Finally. I’ll have that drink now.

22 08 2008

Weather: High – 83 degrees and HUMID with thunderstorms predicted.

This week has been made of FALE all way round. I feel like 7 days have passed with absolutely nothing getting accomplished in any area. Sigh.

Been writing like crazy, and have been using what little is left of my usable brain matter to concoct lines and plots for the other stories floating around. Is it a bad thing that I wish I could just stop everything else I’m doing and just write? It’s been a long long time since the writing bug has bit this hard. I’ve literally come to a place where I HAVE to write or my head will burst.

Work is going slowly today and I think my boss may suspect I’m am not focusing all my  energies on it. And he’d be right.  Spent the last half hour looking up pictures for my characters. Yes, I’m visually obsessed. Can’t help it.

The family is all over the place this weekend. My sister, brother and my brother’s girlfriend are all up in Minnesota because my sister’s friend is marrying his boyfriend (FINALLY!) I know both the parties involved and they make a lovely couple.  Mum is using this free weekend to re-energize herself before the Bridal Shower next weekend. (ZOMG!! IT’S ALMOST HERE!!). Bri and i will probably use this weekend to catch up on OUR house. This means turning off the phone so the IL’s don’t call for help on the condo.  I’d like to use this weekend to get caught up on some actual writing and get a good chunk done on Carrion Dreams before the juice stops on it. (I’ve come up with a slew of scenes that haven’t been committed to paper or pixels yet. Yikes!)

The weather looks like it’s going to be sporadically rainy, which always seems to be good for my creative streak. I feel bad for my friends in Florida as Tropical Storm Fay is bitch slapping them for a second AND third time. Lots of flooding and wind. Hopefully it will dissipate and move on.

So. This week has been a flurry of chaos with not much to show for it. Sad but true. The Olympics closing ceremony is this Sunday. And then 2 more years till Vancouver for the winter games. Hopefully Bri and I will be living in Portland by then and maybe we can make our way up to see the events.  Granted I’d love to be in London for the 2012 ones. More swimmers for me!!!

Off to catch the train and write some more on this going nowhere Mary Sue Vampire story before it completely eats my brain. 🙂

I can see the weekend…and it might not actually suck!

21 08 2008

weather: High – 78 degrees with scattered thunderstorms later.

Am going to sidestep talking about anymore negative stuff for a while, because the depression spiral is lurking around the corner and I’d like to avoid giving it any reason to pounce on me.

Found a new trailer via Summer of Vampires for Perfect Creature. How did I not know this movie existed? Steampunk Vampire film? I AM SO THERE:

Dougray Scott as a Vampire in a wardrobe leftover from Equilibrium? DEAR GOD!!

Am really getting into Abney Park, as I’ve probably mentioned a gazillion times before. Can’t help it.  Their music is intoxicating and of course all the Steampunk aspects are like candy coated crack to me.

Starting to see results from my lowered intake of food and heightened movement. Granted the scale isn’t really showing much movement. BUt my clothes are starting to fit looser, so I take that as a good sign.

I’m starting to drink more water and I’ve left behind the “second breakfast syndrome” . (I eat breakfast at 5 am on work days so usually by 9 am I’m feeling  little peckish. I’ve been settling for my thermos of coffee and moving my lunch back to noon-ish–usually it’s between 1 and 2–and it seems to be working.)

Looks like we’re going to get some rain tonight so sleeping will be at a premium. I’m trying my damndest to be in bed before 11:00 so I can get a minimum of 6 hours of sleep. This 3 & 4 hour bullshit is starting to catch up with me.

Need to finish this scene up for the unnamed rock star/vampire story, if nothing else to get the damn thing out of my head. I need to get back to work on Carrion Dreams and Dark of the Mirror. Jaden has been particularly vocal in my head lately. And he’s an annoying bastard when he starts poking.

More to talk about tomorrow. Sorry for the lack of useful info lately.

Wow. Can 2008 stop sucking now?

20 08 2008

weather: high – 82 degrees and sunny.

OKay, between the amount of death, sickness, economic trouble and just general drama going on with my friends and family, I think that I’m about to take a holiday from stress. Not that I’m not concerned for all involved, but I don’t have enough energy or emotional strength left to supply any support for anyone. I’ve been posting random picspams over at LJ just to distract myself.

Unfortunately, distracted myself a little too much since I haven’t gotten much work done. Think I will put a moratorium on posting tomorrow.

Showed Brian the Apocalyptica and Three Days Grace videos I’ve been obsessing over lately. He liked em. Hee!

Not much else to say today…

It’s one of those crossroads type things again…

19 08 2008

Weather: HUMID! high–83 degrees, though it’s cooler than yesterday.

Bri has suddenly realized he’s turning 35 in less than a month. And it has made him suddenly very introspective and reassessing and contemplating life changes.

I must be feeding off his mood. I’m feeling exactly the same.

Just posted a lengthy Poor Me rant on LJ. Sigh. Sometimes I just get started and can’t stop. I’m never really that big on doing the uber-share thing but I think I’ve just reached that point where the Tupperware is full and starting to leak out.

I’m worried about so many things right now that I have not enough energy to cover any of them. I’m mostly worried about Brian and he will get my primary  attention.

I think it may be time to do some serious housecleaning in the noggin for both of us.

Here: Half Naked boy touching to make me feel better:




I think “spread too thin” might be an understatement….

18 08 2008

Weather: This weekend — clear and slowly warming back up. Sigh. Started in the mid 70s and ended up in the upper 80s. TOday– High: 89 and sunny. Sigh. Welcome back August. NO LOVE!

This weekend was a blur of running around and frustration. Saturday we spent much of the day doing laundry, grocery shopping and mowing the lawn. (I’ll leave it up to you to decide which things I did and which ones Brian did.) That evening we went over for a wonderful evening of grilling out with Lisa and Tom, then headed out to the wilds of Portage to see The Dark Knight on the IMAX screen. AWESOME SAUCE!! Didn’t get into bed until 2 am and I was SHREDDED!

Sunday I was up at 6 am the first time to feed the cat and back up at 8:30 to get coffee and breakfast ready. My sister Kirsten picked me up around 11 to go back to her house for the makeup test for the wedding. Yes I got prettied up and I really really like the makeup artist!  After that, I spent much of the day trying to fix my sister’s monitor issues. A new video card did NOTHING to fix it, so we’re gonna try to swap out the cable first , then replace the monitor.  Brian came by around 5 and we celebrated my mum’s birthday. Much with grilled meat flesh and corn and salad and a lovely whipped cream cake for dessert! Bri and I staggered into the house around 8:30 last night and I pretty much just vegged in front of the telly until 11, then went to bed.  So yeah. Not as much done this weekend as I’d like. I think we have a free weekend coming up so we may just turn off the phones and get all the housework caught up again!

Missed Phelps winning his 8th gold on Saturday, but caught the replay Sunday morning. SO awesome.  And much with the intra-team boy-touching afterwards. SIGH. Love watching swimming!

SIGH! Love the Olympics

BTW– my interview with Ethan Grim from Shortwave Dahlia is up at the Official site.