I can see Friday on the horizon…::reaches::

31 07 2008

Weather: High 85 and ZOMG HUMID!

Starting to lose my patience with people in my office. There a small handful of guys in the office who fancy themselves Tech Geeks and thus like to over step our department and make changes on our servers and install software. Because they know what they’re doing. ::rolls eyes:: Well one of these mental giants managed to screw up half the offices fax profiles by moving a folder from one location to another. Needless to say I was livid. I posted a thinly veiled creed to the company intranet about keeping their GD fingers off the servers and contacting the Automation department (ie me and my boss) before screwing around with stuff. I’m sure they’ll read it and obey. ::rolls eyes again::

Trying to get all my projects done here at work and failing miserably. Forgot it’s end of month which doubled the graphic design work I had to do today, not to mention that I have end of month reports to run.

Today is one of those days that II want nothing more than to be at home writing and snuggling with the hubster.

Looks like we have some thunderstorms rolling in. That shouldn’t increase the humidity. Sigh.

I’m gonna cut this short as I only seem to be rambling.

Brain is full of whirling chaos right now and I can’t focus on much at the moment.

BTW– Witchblade RULES! Even Hubby was impressed by the dialogue and mythology. 🙂




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