::humming Dancing Queen::

28 07 2008

weather: High: 82 degrees and HUMID! GAH! IT’s BACK!

So this weekend was full despite not really getting a lot of house stuff accomplished.

Friday night we did a spontaneous get together with Tom & Lisa to watch Doctor Who (WOO!) and play battling DJs on the computers. Lotsa fun, but a late night after that.

Saturday was a nice languorous day. Got up around 8ish, made coffee and breakfast for me and the hubby, then kinda pottered around the house for a bit before hunkering down with the laptop and pounding out 1500 words of text. WOO! Had the telly on in the background, and sat through both a Paranormal State marathon and a Heroes marathon, catching up on both shows. In the evening Bri and watched some Graham Norton and I watch Sin City for the umpteenth time. (CLIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!) Was VERY happy to get the writing done and break through this bloody writer’s block I’ve had lately.

Sunday I went to see Mamma Mia with my mum, sister and our elderly neighbor, Mrs. Mahoney. It was MUCH better than I thought it would be. Mum, Kirsten and I had seen it in the theater in Chicago on it’s first run and loved it. Here’s the thing: If you’re not an ABBA fan, you won’t like it. If you’re expecting theater quality vocals, you won’t like it. But if you know the lyrics to every ABBA song, are easily distracted by hot men being shirtless and adorable, and love Meryl Streep in comedies? YOU WILL LOVE IT. (Yes, this movie defines chick flick, but some guys will enjoy it, if only for the scads of bikini clad women and the racy humor in spots. ) I’m actually buying this one when it comes out on DVD. There were parts that had me in tears, some for laughter and some, just for overwhelming emotion. It’s not as saccharine sweet as you think and it doesn’t end how you think it will. And the humor, as I said before borders on raunchy. Oh and Bjorn from ABBA makes a couple of cameos as well. BIG GRIN.

Here’s a list of the songs performed in the movie:
I have a Dream
Honey, Honey
Money Money Money
Mamma Mia
Our Last Summer
Dancing Queen
Super Trouper
Slipping through my Fingers (Bawled my eyes out here)
Lay All your Love on Me
Does Your Mother Know?
Take a Chance on Me
Voulez- Vous
Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man after Midnight)
Thank You for the Music
Winner takes it all
(Meryl Streep KILLS on this!)
So yeah– I was in ABBA Karaoke heaven!

I found out this morning that a particularly dear friend of mine is going through some health issues.  It really gutted me that I live too far away to be any use, and am broke enough that I can’t even contemplate making the trip down to help out. It sucks on a level that just hurts. I’m so tired of all y friends having to go through these tough situations. When do we start to get a break? Hell, even Bri and I have been through the wringer the past 3 years. And honestly? I’m sick to death of it. It’s exhausting to live paycheck to paycheck and not know if you’re gonna make ends meet from one week to the next , dreading the next unexpected expense.


Hopefully things will start to turn around. For ALL of us.




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